Lazy day today.  Monday’s are glumdays for me.  They used to be my uppity day of the week but no more….I’m a blob on Monday’s.

We’ve been couch potatoes today.  Snuggling the dog and watching Animal Miracle…gosh that show gets to me *tear*.  I get a bunch recorded on the PVR and then do a little marathon.  Silas is on my iphone on google images looking at skytrain photos and it’s pathetically piddling snow outside.  Annnd someone just tooted.

I’m on that line where I’m not sure if I don’t mind the smell of my kid’s farts anymore.

I have a staff party at work tonight and we have to dress formal…I have NO idea what to wear….my only nice clothes are my work clothes.  They told us to dress to impress and um….I do that every time I go to work so I don’t think I’ll impress anyone.  We also have to do a secret Santa and they gave me a 19 year old kitchen boy who I SWEAR doesn’t like me.  That’ll be fun.  I’ll just buy him alcohol, I think that’s all 19 year old boys want anyway…right?


I’m still stressing about what to wear.  I think it will include my tightest control top and safety pins to pin it to my bra so it doesn’t roll down and expose my back boobs.  No one wants to see those…no one.  Ugh, I wish I had some of you to come help me scour my closet.

I have a glorious Anne Klien skirt that I scored from the clearance rack at Winners for like 15 bucks…originally $150.  It makes everything under it….right.

Ok I can’t handle this anymore…time to attack my closet.  We’ll figure this out!

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