Yay Sunshine

I find it awkward to write a post after I’ve been on a hiatus for so long.  I’ll just pretend I haven’t been on one.

Today I was wide awake at 6am.  The kids weren’t very understanding that Mommy wanted to sleep but after finally getting them settled and fed, I was about to catch a few more Z’s.  Then I awoke to SUNSHINE!

There’s something about sunshine that just makes everything about life better.  Especially on the West Coast where the sun hides from us almost the entire winter and we are enduring the constant drizzle.  Sunshine becomes a gift and we all embrace it like crazy, until summer comes around and then we’re too hot so we complain.

To enjoy the sun today, we set out for a nature walk on my favourite trail.  We parked at the off leash dog park so Cleo could frolic with her doggy friends for a bit before we set out on our journey.  Frolic she did.  She’s always woofing at the other dogs because her tiny legs can’t keep up with them.  It’s hard to be a 60 pound sausage on three inch legs…

The kids mostly enjoyed the walk, he was rather whiny and wanted to hold my hand the entire time but he made it through…eventually.  Silas did a fantastic job holding on to Cleo’s leash and Cleo did a fantastic job walking along with us.  All around good walk…

So we came home and had a snack and now I’m drinking a delicious cocktail because…it’s Friday…and on Friday’s I deserve a 4:00 gin.  What stay at home/working mother doesn’t?  And now I’m feeling sleepy, I might need a post gin snooze before we have our traditional Friday night pizza.  Reason #375 why my tummy keeps getting bigger rather than smaller…

In other news,

Silas, my darling, has come SO far in the past two years that he has now GRADUATED from ABA therapy.  Most kids move to a different therapy around the age of 7 but little Siley bear, at the ripe age of 5, is moving on.  The same therapist that he’s always worked with (and a fresh, new one) will start teaching him about life skills and social skills.  They will teach him about his autism, why he’s different and that it’s okay to be different.  They will teach him that he thinks a different way but can still accomplish the same things as typical kids.  Sounds beautiful doesn’t it?  They’re working on a 5 point scale so Silas can be able to label his emotions and have better tools to calm himself when he’s freakin out.

I’m always embarrassed when people tell me I’ve done such a good job, I’m always so hard on myself….thinking I should do more with him.  I guess I recognize when my cup is full and I don’t push myself beyond my own limits.  I do feel like I’ve done a fairly good job and so has Brent, but we never could do it without the support system around us.  EVERYONE is supportive.  We are truly blessed.

So now I’m going to enjoy my gin, do a quick tidy and then perhaps have a little rest…if the kids let me.



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