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You know, I was pretty sad at the lack of questions asked by the public.  It was view 145 times even :(.  That was your guilt trip…ha ha.  You still have time to ask though.  If you feel like redeeming yourselves at dedicated readers.


Laura asked : Are you stopping Thursday’s Thirteen? You were so good at those!

I feel obnoxious when I do T13’s.  I remember reading some blog reviews and the people always talk poorly about craploads of memes.  I just kinda feel like people are uninterested in reading them.  I guess you proved me wrong there though.

Leanne asked: How many blogs do you read that you are only a lurker?

Zero.  Being the foot-in-the-mouth-can’t-shut-up-blabbermouth that I am.  I hardly can stop myself from commenting.  Although, I’ve been kinda lazy lately so if you’re not getting comments it doesn’t mean I’m not reading.  I usually read every blog on my blogroll daily.

Can I ask another question?


When can you do my hair?

This weekend?  Anyone else want a Matriarch hair-cut?  I’m poor and I need to make money.  Leanne…yours is on the house 😉

Can I ask another question?


How much do you looooooove me?

Ok, sappy time.  I actually love you lots and lots.  Sometimes I say to Brent how happy I am that I get to keep you forever.  You’re one of my very best friends!  MUAH!

Anonymous asked: how does one know when they are finished having kids? especially someone like yourself who is so young. people change so much in 2 or 3 years you may want 5 more kids by then. that’s why I’m iffy about permanent birth control. as convenient as it is.

I know I am done having kids because the very thought of going through another pregnancy and having to deal with post partom and newborns and diapers and money and etc. makes me really stressed out.  With my ADD and depression issues I think it best for me to be a mom to just two kids.  I would, though, adopt a pre-school aged kid if my husband would jump on the bandwagon with me.

Anonymous asked: Is it really that hard to lose weight after your body has changed? Do you find that there are some things that won’t go back to normal?

My boobs will never be “normal” again yet I fear that they are just that…normal.  The rest of my body is having a hard time getting back to skinny after baby #2.  Although, I don’t exercise very hard…or ever.  If you’re super dedicated already then you shouldn’t have a problem losing weight.  It is harder but some of us mom’s can’t find the time nor the energy to get that body back.  I know I will.  Now perhaps isn’t the time for me.  The stretch marks do fade.  I think you need to accept the fact that your body will be different but that’s ok.  Men don’t care, no one else cares and if they do then they need to get a life.  If you read often then you’ll know my stance on how much I hate it when people are made to believe their after baby bodies are ugly.  It’s not ugly, it’s just right where it’s supposed to be!

Mandolin Mom asked: Did you notice symptoms of ADD/ADHD as a child or only in adulthood?

As a child I was a super hyper underachiever who had no friends because I was “immature”.  I was constantly down on myself because I couldn’t seem to get it together like everyone else could.  My mom didn’t put it all together because we knew someone else with ADHD who’s symptoms were way worse than mine.  My teachers would mention it but nothing was done.  Don’t blame mom though, she did the best she could.  So yes, they were very much there when I was a child.

Rixgal asked: Have you ever been hit by lightning? What does it feels like?

No.  My (ex) step-mom has though…she said it hurt.

How come God lets people be in government who make bad laws like the one where you can take your baby out of your tummy before it’s ready and it dies?

Because God gave us free will and people are selfish, or scared and they don’t know what else to do.  But Jesus forgives them.

If the sun is in the atmosphere, how come we can see it in the sky?

The sun isn’t in the atmosphere….the sky is the atmosphere….how is this relevant to ME??!!!!!!

the end.  If this inspires you to ask something then ask away.  You can post anonymously.


  1. Did you mention somewhere that the questions were supposed to be relelvant to YOU? I missed that. How long have you been married? There.

  2. RixGal typo’d (relelvant)! If you know her personally – you know this is noteworthy. But she’s right, I don’t think you specified the nature of the questions in any way Madam Matriarch. Here is my question: “What are you doing to prevent the conception of further children? Would you consider stopping whatever it is you’re doing and give me your next beautiful baby? (I will pay for a personal trainer)”

  3. Where did you go to Bible College?
    I know you probably see me here everyday, I just didn’t have a question to ask!
    Oh and my dh and I are Youth Pastors at a Menonite Church, and coming from a non-meno backgroud, your blog makes me laugh!!

  4. Anal-er…. .oh, I might scraplift that word.
    Never have I professed to being a gud speller. I rely on spell check and my Webster’s.

    Hey! I figured out how to get the blogroll on my side bar. See, a day without talking can produce wonders. Congratulations on arriving on my site in living color.

  5. Hey plucky mama, I have a question. What is your recommended order of plucking before a social engagement?

    Upper lip
    Bikini area
    Nose hair

    Thanks in advance.

  6. I do find overload on memes annoying–I know someone who does them DAILY.
    Once a week isn’t bad at all, especially when the writer puts thought into it–which you do!

    Your writing style is great, I come by regularly. You’ve even managed to sway me on some strong opinions that I have–keep up the honesty, it’s good for all of us.

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