No Longer a One-Trick Pony

Well, it’s happening. Ikey is gracefully sliding into a….well…a person. He’s no longer just some leech that wiggles and sucks me dry. He’s actually doing quite a lot. Much to my obvious dismay.

He’s mastered our stair case and will b-line his way to it at any open opportunity. He’s does the whole thing with his mouth wide open (typical guy) and gives me the proudest smile once he’s finished. I’m sure he’d love it if we went down and started all over again. Alas, I have no patience for such things. I need to get down to business, as in trying to get work done on the computer but getting distracted by facebook. We’ve now re-employed our baby gates after only a few short months break from the annoying things.

Clapping is now something he’s well accomplished at. It’s pretty much the cutest thing he does. He’s worked hard at this one, in the beginning it was just a bunch of flailing with his eyes closed because he’d usually get himself in the face. Now he looks like a pro. His claps are best observed when the music is playing and he’s also bouncing along to the beat.

His latest achievement in fine motor skills is waving bye bye. He’s getting it really well and practices often. Thoughts of practice usually occur to him during a nursing session in which he pulls away to watch himself wave bye bye to…himself. Annoying yet adorable, the story of my every-day.

He astonishes me with his eating abilities. I’m used to Silas who, to this day, refuses to chew properly. I thought it might be a learned skill but Isaac is showing me that it is in fact a skill one should be born with. Silas is sometimes “special” in certain areas. Ikey enjoys eating pretty much everything as long as he is the one feeding himself. Sometimes he allows me to put something into his mouth but often he wants to do it himself and will show that by clamping his mouth shut and flailing his arms, resulting in splattered food. The other day he allowed Silas to feed him and had a mouth packed full of broccoli as a result. Silas is trying to inflict his own eat-like-a-snake habits onto his younger brother. I just enjoyed the giggles coming from both of them.

Kissing is something Isaac is VERY good at. Just lately I’ve been able to say “gimme a kiss” and he’ll lean to my mouth with his own mouth open wide. A little smear, a little tongue and he’s done his thing. I usually try and aim for his upper lip and make it quick in order to avoid the tongue action. He’s also VERY good at kissing cheeks (which Leanne and Joyce can easily attest to) I have dried slobber on mine right now. He also definitely favors kissing certain people.

Every day he’s getting better at crawling and cruising. Soon he’ll be walking, talking, flirting, graduating and I’ll have not one brown hair left on my head. As much as I am enjoying his accomplishments I also am enjoying him just being exactly where he is at this very moment. Just the fat, tasty, slightly cross-eyed, jovial mass of drool that he is. Lets just hope the drool goes away before the flirting happens.


  1. We are right there with you. Our Son Sam is almost ten months and has also mastered the art of clapping. I’ve developed chronic neck and back pain due to following him around as he crawls throughout the house (we’re first-timers, so the kid is ALWAYS supervised). The mouth-wide-open kisses are my favorite thing in this world. No waving bye-bye yet, but he flirts like a champ 🙂

  2. Hi~ You are an absolute riot! 🙂 Reading your blog is such a joy and I love the way you describe your relationships with your boys. So honest, yet so funny! Takes me back to when my girls were teeny tiny – Thanks! 🙂

  3. Wow, do I remember this stage. Sounds like you’ve got some great boys. I’ll have to do some more reading and catch up on their ages, etc. Love your header photo. What a doll!

  4. hey i’m 20-something guy in college, cant relate to what u talk about, but the way u talk about it, makes me wanna grow old and grow up fast.

  5. If you’re old, what am I? Ancient? I also enjoy reading your slobbery, mouth open stories. I remember when……
    Now, at 9 and 11, they incessantly bug each other, burp for entertainment and slap each other’s rear every chance they get. Just wait!

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