You’re FIVE!

My darling dear son Silas turned five today.  I can’t believe my son is this age already.  Where did the time go?

Ok I’m already crying.

Silas, you’re five.

Son, I am so proud of you.  I think you’re the most beautiful five year old in the entire universe.  How lucky am I to be your mommy?

You are the sunshine in my days, your smile literally lights up my whole entire world.  Your hugs and kisses warm every single bit of my body.  When you tell me you love me, my whole world is right.  The fact that you love me and can express that is really all that matters to me in that moment.

You have this way of lighting up a room when you walk into it.  Your cheery voice can make anyone happy.  That’s not just because I’m your mommy, it’s because you’re really, truely that way.

The day you were born I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I just worked super hard to make sure you came out safe and sound and healthy.  There you were, a blue bundle of goodness.  I held my breath until you first took yours and it felt like hours before it happened.  But then you turned a lovely shade of pink and you nursed right away and you were perfect.  You still are.

I know I tell you you’re cute about 800 times a day.  But that’s not just how you look.  Your insides are so full of beauty and light that I could scream.  The amount of intelligence in that brain is baffling to everyone who has known you.  You’re also so amazing at sharing and at making friends.  You’re so friendly and kind to other kids.  I love the way you play with your friends at school.

I love how caring and gentle you are with Cleo.  She loves you so much and you are so good with her, and all other animals.  I love how you will hold a wild snake I just caught or anything else, as long as it doesn’t jump of course.

I love your skin, I love the amazing olive colour of it, the way it feels and the way it smells.  You have amazing skin.  It’s like touching warm velvety pudding, thick and soft and creamy.  I could kiss your pudding cheeks a thousand times a day…wait, I already do.

I love it when you snuggle me in the morning.  The way that amazingly flexible body of yours molds to mine.  You snuggle up so tight and I wish I could just squeeze you so hard.  I’m ok that you don’t let me though.

I LOVE your sense of humour.  You laugh at me when I make mistakes and you’re so quick to catch them.  It makes me laugh at myself too.  You purposely do things wrong with this adorable little look in your eye and it makes me laugh so hard.  You’re actually funny, just like me right? 😛

You’re such a champ about your peanut allergy.  I love it when you ask me if a new food is peanut free.  I love it when you accept that you cannot eat something and you graciously abstain and will accept the alternative given to you.  Your understanding of your allergy takes a thousand pounds off my shoulders.  Thank you for being such a champ.

Silas you have been my entire undoing while at the same time you’ve built me up to be SUCH a better person.  You’ve made me more open, honest, accepting, understanding, patient, friendly, generous.  You’ve brought so much goodness to my life and so much character to my being that I will be forever in debt to you.  All the work I do for you doesn’t even add up to how you have blessed me.  I am passionate about who you are and because of that I’ve changed all my goals in life.  I wanna meet more people like you.  I want to see more people like you succeed.

Silas, you’re delicious.  I hope your party tomorrow brings you so much joy.  You deserve to feel special because you are extraordinary.


  1. You are such an awesome writer Leah. And Silas is very lucky to have a Mom like you! Happy Birthday to all of you.

  2. Sooo sad today that I am missing your party Silas 🙁 We will have one next weekend (depending on road conditions), and party like it’s your Birthday!
    hugs and smooshy licks!

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