10 Minute Time Waster

Dog shaming

I’m taking a very quick moment out of my morning to say hellloooooooo.

I got to sleep in this morning and then I woke up and came downstairs and realized actually how messy my house was.  My mom is on her way here.  She’s going to judge me.  So I must clean.  And then my friend reminded me that he had a haircut with me at 12:30 today…must move faster.

But…I need my coffee…priorities people.

Have you heard of dog shaming?  It’s like those crazy parents who make their children hold signs, displaying publicly their offenses.  Sometimes there’s a video, sometimes it’s on the child’s facebook.  I, don’t personally agree with shaming anyone.  But dogs?  Ok it’s kinda funny.  Plus they oblivious.

I shamed Cleo once…Dog shaming

She does.  It’s her favourite thing in the world.  Finding a nice spot in my neighbours upstairs and taking the biggest dump she can.  She will also pee, she loves peeing in a new house.  Bad doggy.

Anyway, what brought me to this topic was this funny video.


Crap I totally got lost in YouTube for a second there.  That dog has a ton of videos of him doing stupid things…like stealing a cabbage.  Then onto dogs freaking out when their owners come back from Iraq.  Now I’m crying.

Anyway…you’re welcome for wasting 10 minutes of your time…now back to your day.
Unless you want to waste more time on dog-shaming.com

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