Dearest Ann Coulter



I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps you didn’t know that you would offend thousand of people with your low-life language.  I’m a Canadian, I don’t really care if you insult your president.  When you use such a word as “retarded” to negatively describe someone, that’s where I have a problem.

Ann Coulter

See this gorgeous-looking human being?  This is who you’re insulting.

Just in case you REALLY didn’t know.  Here’s a nice website that will educate you.

PS – Were you reading at 3 years old?  Did you know your times tables up to 63 when you were 6?  Do you even now?  Do you have perfect pitch and incredible photogenic memory???  This person diagnosed with a “retardation” does…perhaps you should choose your insults more wisely next time because he outsmarted you a million times in his life and he’s only 6.


  1. I have ignored reading this tweetup until now. I saw all the responses and was sickened. When I think of Ann Coulter, I think about growing up watching Fox News. My parents were and are ultra-conservative religious Republicans who are very narrow minded. If I brought this up with them, they’d likely attempt to defend the bitch. We do not speak about politics or religion.

    Your son is so handsome! I can see a lot of you in him. What a treasure you have!

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