You Might Be an Autism Parent If….

There’s a funny trend happening on Twitter right now (well it’s not TRENDING) some autism parents are using the hashtag #youmightbeanautismparentif and then filling in the blanks.  Hilarity has ensued.  At least for those of us who completely understand what they are talking about.  I’ve gone through most of them and here’s a list of all the funniest ones.  Enjoy!


You might be an autism parent if……


…U ask ur Aspie to peel half the cucumber 4 the salad & this is what u get:

by @TGIDinner

…the morning starts with a meltdown over which light switch to turn on.

by @juliebeth1973


…you’re sitting in ur driveway right now bc ur kid is having too much fun watching EmperorsNewGroove in the car.

by @TheNutMegg


…tonights episode of Parenthood gave you hope.



…you figuratively tell ur child dinner will be ready in a minute, and ur child starts to count to 60.

by @MoosiePooh


…it’s only Monday,& ur considering a bottle of wine for dinner tomorrow night. Prayn 4 a better Tuesday!

by @DDiaz2

…you wake up to the entire contents of the cupboards neatly arranged on the kitchen table.

by @realadamcornett


… accidentally getting the *blueberry* pancakes becomes a SWAT situation. :/

by @GoAheadLily


… your child taught himself to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in different keys & then with harmony at 4.

by @JustAngela1


…you ask what they want off santa and you “normal” son says. Batman cave & ur autistic son asks for storage boxes.

by @bettyboop_26


…the screaming about the noise is louder than the noise that triggered the screaming.

by @BakwudsHouswife


…you cry when someone drops the melatonin and it spills all over the floor….

by @jjpnurse


…it’s only mildly disturbing when you find your child has been using poop as an art medium during naptime

by @jjpnurse


…telling your kid that his teeth would get lose and fall out was the stupidest thing you ever said. Ever.

by @lenore13k


…you have to explain, repeatedly, that the wildlife does not want the same relationship that the family dogs do.

by @BakwudsHouswife 


…you wish gold medals could be given out for potty training.

by @PortiaDawson1


…your child can organise toy animals better than noah.

by @eden_kore


So, do you have any you can share?  Leave a comment with your best ones and I’ll tweet them!


Here’s some of mine!

….your child brings new meaning to the word “carboholic”

…you are hesitant to ask someone to babysit because you know they’ll end up bruised.

…you can’t own nice things.

…the liquor store employees know you by name.

…you laugh when your friend’s NT children bite them.

…you get excited and celebrate when your child gets in trouble but it’s something age appropriate!

…you can ask your 4 year old how to get to your destination using public transit

…you could start a store with all the supplements in your cupboard.

…you’ve acquired ninja-like reflexes

…your child has broken your nose, more than once.

…you’re starting to understand why spinning things are awesome.

…your 6 year old is better at math than you are.

Your turn!






  1. ….. you have to check and make sure the bathroom is poop free before company uses it. (walls, sink, toilet paper that’s still on the roll etc.)

  2. … your teenage daughter asks if you can just go buy her back-to-school wardrobe without her.

    … your child says the exact same bedtime prayer every night, “Thank you for this great day…”, no matter how horrible the day was and even if they’ve just finished a huge tantrum.

    … you are filling out a form that asks for your license plate number and you turn to your kid to ask him.

    … your kid can tell you everyone in the family’s high score on Doodle Jump.

    … your sister feeds your kid popcorn for dinner ’cause she just can’t keep track of what he will or won’t eat.

    … your child is impervious to cold, but jumps a mile high when you barely brush against their skin.

    … tickets to a rock concert was the worst present you ever gave your kid.

  3. …. When you can watch your son act out & do the dialogue to his favorite movie in its entirety. (and enjoy it way more) LOL

  4. Great list. While my son has ADHD/Anxiety Disorder/Developmental Coordinaton Disorder the symptoms are much the same and I ca nso agree with these. The carbaholic and the dinner countdown are all too familiar. Here are mine:

    -I am pretty sure I don’t need a house inspector for my house purchase. Just ask my son to point out what is good/bad…think he has watched too much Mike Holmes

    -In order to interact with students at school your child is memorizing the kids names/pictures from the yearbook

    -you know that it takes 13500 ten year old kids brains to equal the weight of a humpback whale and other obscure facts

    -your child asks to watch the “coin channel” which turns out to be the shopping channel. 45 minutes after the coin show ends he is still glued to the tv watching them try to sell a vacuum. Thank god he does not have access to a credit card.

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