Mornings and the Larger Cookie

What a lovely morning, aside from Silas waking up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and being “cuddled” (which is more like putting up with wiggling more than it is cuddling) by Ikey way before my wake up time.  I met with one of my favourite people, my sister in law Leanne, for breakfast and had a nice chat about…everything.  I needed that.

I am really learning how to get into a good groove in the morning.  This morning was just so put off by a large case of the grumpies, I eventually told Silas that if he uttered one more sound, that he wouldn’t be able to play on his computer, iphone OR xbox today.  Then I took them all away because he didn’t listen to me…then I felt bad…so I had him earn them back by being very very very very very nice until we got to school.  He reminded me how nice he had been and I gave them back.

It’s funny the lack of patience I’ve acquired for the little lad.  Yes he has autism and if he’s going to throw a melt down and bite me and smash his head into the pavement, I have the patience of Mother Theresa herself.  The moment he starts being bossy or competitive with his brother…I LOSE IT, I SNAP!



Funny because he doesn’t actually bite or have melt downs or smash his face on the floor.  I really need to be more patient.

Anyway.  Mornings mornings mornings.  They go a bit smoother now because at least I have their bento boxes clean and ready to use the next morning…which is new for me.  Baby steps for this lady.  Our problem is that the morning falls apart at the door.

They race to get their shoes on and both ask me “can I hold the knob?”.  I really don’t know why holding the knob is so freaking important.  I also don’t know that Isaac actually knows why it’s so freaking important.  Silas, in his need to be first all the time, has claimed it as being extremely important and Ikey follows suit.  I cringe at that question every morning.  I don’t want to answer.  I usually give it to the child who has their shoes on first as an incentive.  Usually, if I give it to Ikey, Silas ends up on the bottom step because he’s being a pain in the ass about not getting the hold the damn knob.  I hate that knob.  I wanna switch it out to a lever so I don’t have to hear “can I hold the knob” one more time!  SHUT UP ABOUT THE KNOB!  I HATE THE FREAKING KNOB!

I think it’s hard to do when it comes to stuff that kids get SO mad about because it’s SOOOO trivial and stupid.  But if all kids do it, then it must be a part of their development.  You can see in their eyes how IMPORTANT these stupid dramatic moments are for them.  I wonder what it does to them to have me brush it off like it’s nothing.

You really don’t want to make a big deal out of stupid things.  You want them to learn to not argue about everything and the fact that their sibling would stop being a jerk if they’d only just ignore them!!

Why is it so important to them and how does it make them feel when I get mad about them getting mad?  I really should look into that.

In line with the whole sibling rivalry thing.  I do find myself doing something a bit silly.  Silas has this crazy, overpowering, obsessive desire to always be #1, first, on top, the best, the biggest, the fastest, etc etc etc.  So I do things, because I know what it’s like to be the little man.  I’m the youngest child of 5 and Isaac, I feel you buddy.  I know what it’s like to have to go to bed while the rest of the family sits there and watches Three’s Company and laughs as loud as they can while I lay there in anguish.  I know allllllll about being at the bottom of the barrel.  I know the tricks buddy, I so have your back….

So, whenever I hand them something…like a cookie, I alllllways sneak and give Isaac the bigger one.  Silas usually doesn’t notice and neither does Isaac, but it makes me feel good inside to redeem my inner youngest sibling pain.

I guess I can be trivial too.

All this cookie talk make me need to go get one that the boys and I baked yesterday…I took the biggest one.






  1. What about rigging up some sort of electric charge to the door knob, so when they grab it they get a little shock? Nothing brain altering just a little habit breaking jolt 😉

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