Home Alone :(

Sleeping basset hound

I’m so not used to this whole being home while both kids are at school thing.  I often find myself telling the dog stupid things…like: “oh aren’t you the prettiest dog in all of doggy land!  Aren’t you?  Aren’t you?  Aren’t you the sweetest baby!?  I love you…yes I dooooo….I love you soooooo much.  You’re my baby girl…yes yes yes you are my baby girl…..give momma kisses….where’s my kisses?  Ohhhh thank you baby girl.”

And she’s all likeSleeping basset hound

I think I stood and stared at the fish and the snail for like 5 minutes, I even took photos of them and put them on Instagram.  Then I stared at my Sea Monkeys for a while.  Do you know how much joy those stupid brine shrimp give me?  It’s probably a good idea that you don’t know.  It’s awkward.

I’m just trying to find my groove and it’s hard.  I like having little voices in the house.  I miss having that 1 on 1 time with Isaac, all the things we would do together – my favourite being going out for pho.  That whole baby – preschool phase went by really fast.  I miss it.

Most of you are thinking “get a freaking job!”.  Well…ya.  Probably.  I’m making my own job right now.  Part of me thinks I might pick something else up, just to be around people.  Maybe a part time hair gig.  The chemicals just suck.  I guess doing some from home is a good idea…it’s just convincing my friends to actually pay me…hmmmmmm…..

I’m just that kinda mom who wants to be home for the kids.  I don’t want to have to tell my boss that my kid is sick or have to stop work because they need me to pick them up.  I don’t want them in daycare on holidays and through the summer.  Luckily I’m able to do this because my husband can cover our current living situation.  Neither of us are very materialistic or care to keep up with the Jones’…so we are good.  So I can just start my business as slow as I need to and build it as I choose and not have to worry about feeding the kids or anything.  I’m blessed.

Anyway, LUCKILY school is out early today so I’m going to go shower and get my kiddies and kiss them hundreds of times.






  1. What about writing a best-seller? Or building a space ship in your back yard? The possibilities are endless.

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