One Thousand Freaking Followers!

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Once a week my husband goes off to be with the band for practice and I am left home to my own devices.  I usually just watch TV and drink wine and spoon my hound.  Since I’ve been trying to get back to blogging and opening a business and whatnot, I was on the computer.

It gets exciting, I promise.

This lady, who has a totally hilarious blog and makes me wish I was funnier, encouraged me to throw a party when I got to my 1000th Twitter follower… I did and stuff.




You’re welcome for wasting those three minutes you can never get back!


So if you wanna be a part of the next 1000 then you should probably go click here.  I’ll bring champagne to the next party.  Or, you can come to Facebook and like me there…I’m nowhere near a thousand…I’ll be happy to get to 200!! 🙂  Plus I’ll probably do what you say and make stupid videos when you tell me to…which could get fun.

So you should go follow @DaCuckoosNest and @jillsmo because they made this all happen…for you.



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