We’re getting some pretty hard evidence that Silas is more greatly effected by the omega supplemtents he is recieving than the GFCF diet.  I’m forgetful and I’ll often forget his supplements for a few days.  Suddenly the kid is cranky, his language is worse, he screams a lot and I think…OOOPS.  Forgot those supplements again.  So I give them to him and the next day he is more calm and articulate.  He’s only getting 100 milligrams of the stuff, it’s so expensive, he should be getting 10x more than that.  I’ll have to do more online searching for the perfect supplement for him.

It’s weird that something so simple can effect him SO greatly.  I think we’ll give the GFCF a few more months then add gluten back…see how it goes and if he’s fine then we’ll try the milk.  A little experimentation.


  1. Leah – cry all you want – we cry with you. Remember – you have a wonderful husband. He is hurting too.
    Lean on each other to help you both through the very difficult times. Love, Gram

  2. Hey girl –
    the doc that did my assessment this summer highly recommended the OmegaBrite brand of Omega3 supplements (i am not connected in any way to that company) and they make a kids version too that my daughter takes orally. It is made in a lab with nitrogen so the oil doesn’t get oxygenated (sp?). I’ve heard that it loses it’s potency then. It’s not cheap, but it’s been worth it.

    It has really made a difference in my overall mood – i am much more even-keel and I’ve definitely noticed it in my daughter when I have forgotten a few days in a row.

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