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I’ve really been getting back into this music thing again.  It feels so good.  As I’ve been trying to tap into some online musical communities I’ve also been really encouraged by people that really enjoy my music.  For the first time in my life I feel like I’m actually good at this.  I’m so encouraged.

Even if I just end up singing in a bar or something, I just want to sing and write and record music!

Anyway, Brent and I have been working on another song.  I uploaded it to my new myspace page .  No my last name isn’t Shannon but it’s pretty, no??  Anyway, if you go there you can hear my new song we’ve recorded.  We still need to play around with the levels and perfect it but I thought I’d share it with you now because I’m excited about what we’ve done with it.

It’s called You Are My Home.  The song originally was written with a person named Sean.  Him and I wrote it in my parents basement when we were teenagers.  He mostly did the guitar and I wrote the words which, originally, were completely different.  It was written about Jesus before but I thought it would work better as a love song seeing that I’m definitely not persuing a career in Christian music.  So it became about my Brent and it’s SO true…he’s my home.  The other song on there is one that’s also on my youtube but it’s all extra special cuz Brent is playing the guitar and whatnot.

Anyway, let me know what you think, add me to your myspace…etc.  No matter where it goes, I love it and it makes me happy.


  1. Sing on Leah I like it…last year you sang for us at our Candelight Service …next time we’ll give you a solo or duet with your husband.

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