Let the Sun Shine In

So how come today it’s only 11:20 am and I’ve accomplished more than I have all week?  Cuz it was sunny this morning.  Sun gives me spunk.  I love sunshine.  It’s my mojo.

It’s crazy how simple it is that seeing rays of sunshine coming through my blinds makes my whole day different but it does.

Why the crap am I living in the lower mainland?  Who knows.  I’ll talk Brent out of being here soon I hope.  I know a lot of people cringe at the sound of that but goodness me, I never wanted to raise children here or grow old here.  UGH, the city just isn’t for me at all…and neither is the rain rain rain rain rain.  It’s making me mental. It does every winter.  But then I love the long summers and all the plants here…but that’s not reason to stay.

Anyway, I’m in mid-clean up.  Mainly because I feel guilty for being such a poopy housewife lately but also cuz the sun gave me mojo…ha ha.  Bad word to use.  I need to some way, some how, rework my brain into thinking it likes to clean…because it does like it…it’s just programmed funny I think.  I seriously think so.

Time to tackle my bedroom.  I’m sure my mom would have never thought I’d clean my room on my OWN.


  1. Lots of sunshine here in Manitoba and not much snow(yet). Glad to hear you had the cleaning bug, I love it when that happens to me too.

  2. This last week i have reverted back to my Erma Bombeck inspired habit forming ways. This last year or so I have been quite dreadful about laundry, clean and dirty, but mostly dirty. Niall calls them “Jill droppings.” So, after a slightly sarcastic comment from my 11-year old about the logic (of which there is none) behind me making him put his clothes away while my bedroom floor was awash in clothing in various stages of uncleanliness I decided to give myself a kick in the tooshie. I am a preschool teacher and do not believe in charts or stickers to get children to do tasks that simply need doing and will for the next 87 years of their life. However, for me it works. Back to Erma Bombeck…she said that in order for a task to become a habit one must force themselves to do it 21 times and voila! after that you won’t have to think about it, it will be a habit; i’m on day seven, and the calendar on my fridge has little check marks to prove it. Perhaps ill buy myself a little trinket of sorts when I hit day 21, a mug or ice cream cone or some costume jewelery. Don’t know if this would help you Leah, but it works for me.

  3. Hi 🙂 She who never comments anymore (cuz she doesn’t have time) is here! Usually it’s the gloomy days that make me clean. It’s like somethings telling me, it’s yucky outside… there’s nothing to do out there so I might as well go crazy cleaning inside. Weird huh.

  4. Terry calls it, “Little bits of Jen spread all over the house.” Droppings is more concise. We make our kids do things that we’re bad at ’cause we don’t want them to struggle with it later in life like we do.

    Leah – if you absolutely MUST move – I will only permit you to move within 4.5 hours of me.

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