It’s weird what’s just ingrained in human nature.  I suppose if you don’t know any better, telling your mommy “did you poop?  Should we change your bum quick?” (the echolalia makes him repeat things to me how I’ve said them to him) when you really haven’t, seems like a great idea to get attention.

He’s been lying here and there lately…he being Silas.  My first reaction is to become offended because lying isn’t the nicest thing but, jeepers, he’s 3.  I happen to know some people in their 50’s who haven’t realized what lying does to people so I guess I’ll cut him some slack for being 3.  Because really, it’s a good way to get attention.  Because he’s SO attention starved…really…

It’s funny, though, just how human nature is that way.  I’m shocked my little bean is already coming up with lies but he doesn’t know any better so, whatever.  We’ll have that discussion when he’s a little older.  For now I’ll just send him to the basement until he’s ready to apologise…totally joking…I don’t even have a basement.

I’m feeling very chipper today.  Lets hope it’s not just another manic…Wednesday…dang I wish it was Monday just so that line could have been perfect.  Anyway, I think I’m over than stupid cold, it was making my body SO tired…like…pregnant tired.  No I’m not pregnant…NEVER AGAIN!  Anyway, I’m embracing the chipper I feel today.  I’ll be even more chipper in a few moments when my darlings Leanne and Lucas arrive for our play date.  We’ve missed them.

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  1. Maybe it’s not even attention-grabbing – he doesn’t really pretend very well – maybe he’s attempting … Maybe you could say it about Buddy and change Buddy’s diapers and see if Silas gets into that? Maybe when I changed his poopy bum on his birthday it was such a memorable experience, he wants to reenact it over and over again! 🙂

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