27 Weeks and Counting

I don’t know weather to hate or love my chiropractor after today’s visit. I had to wait an hour, but they let me have the visit for free (yay). The whole thing REALLY hurt but I know I’ll feel better from it. It’s a love/hate thing. I’m very glad i didn’t have to pay for it. I’m going to see him again in a week. He says all my back pain is from muscles and then he pushed on them very hard while moving my arms. HOLA did that hurt. The whole time I was thinking how much my mother-in-law would hate this. Ha ha. He recommended a lady at his clinic who has all the pads and stuff to do preggo massage and she’s an RMT so I think I’ll go to her. Jacky…remember that name.

I’m feeling a lot of toes in my ribcage area. It’s so startling sometimes, I hate the feeling. I’m 27 weeks preggo now (since Sunday). I can’t believe there’s only 13 weeks left. I’m almost in the final 10. Almost to the whale stage. I’m so glad it’s going by fast this time. I’m excited to not be pregnant anymore and continue on project body of a hottie. I’ve given up on the idea of being one of those pregnant ladies that look excellent the whole time. I’m like a sponge. I gain SO much water weight and I’m all puffy and bloaty and gross. The wedding rings aren’t really fitting anymore. I have to wear at least one when I go out. I like people to know I’m married for some reason. Anyway, I’m gaining weight like a hippo but I’m glad my doctor is nice and says “you’re doing such a good job, don’t worry about your weight”. I know most docs are like “watch your weight OR YOU WILL DIE!!!!” Mine is nice.

I was naughty today and bought a McMuffin meal. I am usually a McDonalds boycotter but since my hubby forgot to buy eggs last night (men lose their brains on the way to the grocery store) and bought milk instead I decided I could get away with one McMuffin. They’re pretty gross actually. The hasbrowns are weird tasting. I think once you’ve been out of the fast food world for such a long time things just taste like poo. I’d much prefer the taste of whole foods.


Here’s this weeks tummy. Very bulbous. STOP LOOKING AT MY DIRTY DISHES!! going to clean them now!


There, I cleaned my kitchen and took another photo, much better!

Yesterday’s funny search engine terms

  • people love peeing there pants
  • Why do I like the feel of peeing my pant
  • disciplining a monkey


  1. McDonalds – yuck! Pregnancy weight – not fun! Chiropractors – scare me! I keep saying Weight Watchers here I come – I did the diet to lose like 10 pounds and it worked a couple years ago so I’m hoping after baby it’ll work again – I wish it was only going to be for 10 pounds! Need to get back into my belly pictures!

  2. Is that second photo really your kitchen, Leah? I can see your belly has grown since you were here, 27 wks. I’m especially aware today of my belly, can’t blame it on pregancy.

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