WD40 Rocks My World

I’m not in a big computer mood today, even though I still find myself sitting here.  I don’t think I’ll write much.   Silas is down for his nappy-poo.  He just spent a good 5 minutes rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming for reasons only he and God knows.  He’s been really happy otherwise.  At 9:30 the phone rang and it woke me up.  I was worried because I hadn’t heard from Silas since he woke up at 7:30.  I’m always frightened I’ll accidentally throw in some choking hazard when I give him his toys in the morning.  When I went into check on him, he was laying on his back with his soother in his mouth, surrounded by his toys and just listening to his music.  It was pretty cute.  He looked at me like “why are you here?  I haven’t called for you yet” so I left, and then he complained, I guess he decided he was ready to get up for the day.  He spent a lot of time feeding me cheerios, I love it when he does that.  Any attention like that from him is so wonderful.  He’s really been quite the little puddin lately.

I’m excited that we’re have a bank appointment this Saturday.  I hope we can consolodate our debt and make things more simple for ourselves.  Come up with a PLAN.  I’m terrified to do our taxes but we need to get that done ASAP.  It really never ends does it?  I want to buy clothes!!  I don’t want to save for Brent’s time off or for Christmas or for paying our taxes.  I just want to buy shoes and clothes and a house and a car.  And hair products.  Oh well.  My hair hasn’t seen gel in quite some time, they will be reunited soon and my hair will be big and full and hairdresser-like once again.

Anyway, I’m going to sit in my chair and stare out the window for a while.  Come up with a cleaning plan for the day.  Speaking of this chair, it’s been squeaking like crazy for over a year now.  We rocked Silas in it a lot and hardly could hear anything over the squeak.  Yesterday I went at it with a can of WD40 and took the squeak out in like 5 minutes, man I hate it when things are SO much easier than you expect.  How come we didn’t do that a year ago?  Anyway, I love this chair.  I don’t know what my attraction to it is, it’s old and stained and ugly but it’s stinking comfy.  I really want to make a slip cover for it, perhaps my mommy in law would want to do that with me when she comes *wink*wink*.  Silas is starting to pull at the exposed foam.  Anyway, I’m off to my special chair with my sublingual vitamins under my tongue.

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