Top 10 Reasons to Become a Mother

I thought I’d come up with 10 reasons to become a mother to help along those ladies who aren’t sure weather or not they’re ready to take the leap and start a family. After reading this I’m sure you’ll want to grab your husband and start making some babies!! These are in no particular order.

  1. Your breasts will look full and amazing (for about two weeks).
  2. Once your breasts don’t look amazing anymore you have a noble excuse to get them “augmented”.
  3. “I have a headache” doesn’t have to be your only excuse anymore.
  4. People wont judge as quickly when you go out looking like you’ve been run over by a truck.
  5. You’ll finally have an excuse to buy new furniture because yours will be covered in pee and vomit.
  6. You have a good reason to leave a boring dinner party “got to get home to the baby, she needs to nurse”.
  7. You finally get to expose yourself in public.
  8. There’s a ton of new clothes to be bought, from maternity clothes, to after “fat” clothes. Then there’s the “all of my old stuff is out of style” clothes to buy once you’re back to ideal form.
  9. You get presents (even though they’re actually for the baby, it still feels a bit like Christmas).
  10. For nine whole months you get to play the pregnancy card and get back rubs, late night snacks, foot rubs, and whatever else you “need”.


  1. HAHAHA love it! I especially like the “breast augmentation” reason!! and the having an excuse about saggy boobs! 🙁 strech marks arent that bad really…honest…:( hahaha! love ya!

  2. you’re awesome honey – mummies love to read this kind of stuff. Brings back lots of my own happy memories. I’m home today so we can chat!!

  3. I think you forgot a few important ones like slobbery baby kisses and people not looking at you weird when you crave funny stuff. I definitely agree with number six tho. Using your kid as an excuse to get off the phone or be home in time for a t.v. show or just getting you out of awkward conversations is soooo cool.

  4. I think girl/women looked most beautiful within the 9 months, they looks so holy and pure because they’re going to bring new life to this world…

    I love my mum.

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