A Day At The Park

On Saturday Silas had his first real day outside being able to roam freely. Spring time comes pretty early here so we enjoyed a nice, warm day and Silas had a blast. The park gets really full on days like this. Silas spent most of his time following things. First he’d see a doggie and try to catch up to it, then he’d notice a stroller so he’d turn to follow that, then he’d see something else. If there wasn’t anything to follow he’d find his shadow and follow that. I don’t think he ever caught up to anything he was following unless the person knew what he was doing. He did get to pet some doggies and was rather confused when a tiny one poked him in the eye with his nose. He cried a little but more because he felt that doggies were supposed to be nice and safe, what a betrayal!! He soon got over it and went back to shrieking at the doggie.

*K side note, I just heared Silas crying in his room so I went to see what was up. His head was stuck between the wall and the crib. He was trying to get a toy that fell down there. Silly boy. K back to park day!

Anyway, Park day was a success and I hope there’s a nice day where I can take him again. I find following him around and watching him explore his world to be really relaxing. Not so nice on my pregnant hips but that’s ok. Silas also got his first taste of dirt which, luckily, I got a photo of. Auntie Jennie wasn’t so hot on him eating dirt but oh well, I think eating dirt is just part of being a kid. Anyway, our day at the park was lovely and therapeutic. I’d love to say that he slept great that night but he slept terribly. I was surprised but in the morning he had a bright green boogie hanging out of his nose, we are both feeling ill now. Looks like I get lots of cuddles, he’s on my lap right now having a snug.
If you click on the photo of Silas eating dirt below you can see my woomp gallery on it all. I got some really good shots. They are also in color. I like to do everything in B&W on here….keep with a theme.


I’d also like to share one more photo with you, Silas gave me this pose yesterday morning when he noticed I was snapping photos of him. Isn’t he a doll?? hahah


Anyway, have a nice day, leave some comments!! It’s lonely on here 🙁


  1. A day at the park already, what fun. You will never regret having spent time playing with your children, I have happy memories of times I played with mine.

  2. Aunty Jennie just wasn’t excited about “city park dirt” because I was frightened of chemicals and drunks peeing. “Virgin back-woods dirt” wouldn’t have bothered me at all.

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