Teething Out of Order

My son is a bit of a weirdo when it comes to teething.  He is totally teething out of order.  He didn’t get his first tooth till he was 8 or 9 months and it wasn’t that big of a deal to him.  The 2nd tooth comes in and his fever is 104 and he wont let me put him down.  Months go by and a week before Christmas I notice a new tooth coming in.  It wasn’t where it should be though.  He was getting his lateral incisor instead of his central incisor on the top.  AHHHHH.  My son was going to either look like a vampire or a hockey player.  I actually tried to teach him to hiss.  Anyway, I call my mom up because she’s the professional (hygienist) and she tells me it’s OK, rare, but OK.  PHEW.  Anyway.  His four top teeth have all come in weird.  First the left lateral then the left central then the right lateral and now the right central is just peeking through.  There’s nothing on-line about this phenomenon except another mother’s blog about her story.  I think it’s really funny that my son is wacky that way.  He still doesn’t have his bottom laterals (which they should get before the tops) but that’s OK, he’s allowed to be different. Anyway, I snapped a photo of it all to share with you.  It’s not easy trying to capture a wiggly boy’s teeth but it can be done with some restraint and some tickles to make him smile.  This isn’t the most flattering photo of my son but it serves it’s purpose.  Enjoy.  I hope I gave some other mother of a strange teeth-er some peace of mind with this blog!




  1. My son has all four coming in at the same time. He’s six months old. His first bottom tooth came in just before his five-month birthday and the second bottom one shortly after.
    Btw, my name’s Laura. I love blogging and am happy to meet other moms going through the same things! 🙂

  2. Nice to see my daughter isn’t the only teething weirdo! I am so relieved to see this blog. Thank you!!!

    Happy mamma of 2

  3. My daughter, now 13 months, also is teething out of order. She has the front 2 teeth and 4 on the bottom. Today i noticed both of her top molars have cut through but she’s still missing the other 2 incisors and canines…strange! I also was searching the net but couldn’t find any information on this…is it really this rare to cut teeth out of order?

    1. Hi Safiyyah – my daughter has the exact same teeth that came in oddly out of order. I am congenitally missing 1 of my top lateral incisors and I’m worried that she is missing both. My brother and all his kids are missing similar teeth. drop me a line @ angela.zigrand@dol.state.nj.us

  4. well my daughter seems to be getting all of her top teeth and none on the bottom and she is 19 months old! She has only 1 upper incisor and two upper molars, but the other incisor is looking like it is abot to come through…i can’t imagine what she will look like with only teeth on the top and none on the bottom..lol 😀

  5. I am pleased to read this as well. My 7 month old son has one central bottom tooth and has now cutting a top lateral incisor. Apparently he should get both central bottom and top central incisors first. I am sure that they will all come eventually.

  6. What a relief! My 8-month-old daughter cut her bottom two central incisors at 6-months. Today I noticed her top two lateral incisors peeking through. So far, no sign of the top central incisors. I guess I know what she’ll be for her first Halloween – a vampire! Not exactly what I had in mind but … Anyway, after extensive online searching, this was the only site to give me some peace-of-mind that all will be well. Thanks for sharing, all.

  7. My 8 month old also had gotten her 2 bottom central incisors and her 2 top lateral ones…no central ones on the top, though! She does look like a little vampire!!!

  8. Phewf…I am so glad to have read this. My son has both bottom incisors, and is now cutting his left lateral incisor..but no sign of the central ones yet. Good to hear of others with the same situation….

  9. PHEW!!!! My son got his bottom 2 in normal around 7 months and now he is 9 months and got his Lateral Incisors before his front 2. Yes he looks like a vampire and i was starting to get worried, but thank god it is normal. He looks a little funny but I guess they all teeth different…..

  10. My daughter has her bottom two central incisors, her top two central incisor, her top two lateral incisors and she just got one of her bottom first molars. Is that normal?

  11. Thank you for this blog because it is very difficult to find information on babies teething out of order. Glad to hear my son is not the only baby vampire out there!

  12. I’m glad to read that kid’s break teeth out of order! I found your blog when I was trying to look up info on my 17 month old who has his top central incisors, lateral incisors, and canines, but only his central incisors on the bottom. I wouldn’t have thought anything about it except I noticed that my cousin daughter who is about 13 months was the opposite way (4 on bottom and 2 on top).

    My other son got his “6 year” molars at age 4!

  13. Thank you so much for the information! My 7 month old daughter is now getting her lateral teeth first and I almost had a mild heart attack! Its good to know that as weird as this is she will soon be a normal baby with a full set of pearly whites. At what age are the central teeth usually coming in for everyone? Are most mothers rushing to the dentist or simply waiting it out? I truly appreciate your site, i am simply more at ease!

  14. Isn’t it great that you are still getting comments on such an old post?? I just wanted to say that my son (1 yr 3 wk) got his upper teeth in similarly, except his went left to right… first one was L lat incisor, then L central, then R central, then R lat. Now he’s skipped the canine for now and is cutting his L molar, it seems… I was surprised at the order of his top teeth b/c his bottom teeth seem to be coming in “normally”… I suppose as long as he gets his teeth, I don’t mind what order they come in! 😉

  15. Thanks so much for all your stories. I am a dentist and started freaking out because my 10 month old daughter’s teeth were coming out of the order I learned in dental school pediatrics. Mine has 2 lower centrals/ upper laterals and a left central. The right central gum tissueis imflammed but I a was worried it would be locked out or stuck……. Thanks for starting this blog and sharing 🙂

  16. Wow, this is sooo great….my daughter cut her first two central bottom teeth at 6 monthes and now has her two top lateral and one bottom lateral coming in all at once, but no sign of the top centrals yet. I’m so happy to see she isn’t the only “not normal” teether. Thanks, guess a little vampire will be cute for halloween!!!

  17. thanks for this i was worried that my little boy has his bottom 2 central and ive just noticed that he has cut his left cainine tooth and it looks like his right one is ready to cut through but no sign of the upper central ones.just in time for halloween ,he does like to be different.

  18. I just wanted to say that I understand about not being able to find anything about why they get teeth out of order. This was the only thing that I could find. My son who is 8 months old cut his first tooth today but to my surprise it was not his bottom teeth. Hos are coming in just like your son’s. Thank you for the information and keep posting.

  19. OK, after reading others’ stories I feel a little relieved, but boy, is my daughter wacky teething-wise, too– I haven’t read many others like her… at 15 months, she’s had 2 lower (central incisors), 2 upper central incisors, and her left lateral incisor for about 3 months. Her right lateral incisor we think will come any day now, but we realized we’ve been saying it for 2 months. It’s just perched above the gumline and seems to be stuck. But this week, we look in her mouth mid-wail and spot… what’s this? Her 2 lower 1st molars?!?! So now instead of 5 teeth, she has 7! No canines, still only one lateral incisor at all. She’s pretty funny-looking. I like the idea of capturing it on film; it’ll be good to show her on her prom night or something someday.

  20. Thanks for sharing this. My son’s teeth appear to be coming in out of order. I’ve had a hard time finding info online about this. So I’m thankful you shared your story and for the pictures. It puts my mind at ease.

  21. Thanks ~ given my daughter is 12 months old and I had visions of a toddler with false teeth given everyone I know has kids with a dozen (it seems) teeth by now ( I know I know everyones different)… I’m thrilled to find your blog as my little “different” girl teethed out of order with the top lateral incisor popping through first!!

    1. Andrea,
      I guess my lil boy is just like your girl. His first tooth appeared about 2 weeks ago and its the left upper lateral tooth, hes 10 months now.
      I was worried that maybe he will have bad teeth as they come out of order, but now i guess hes goign to be OK.
      Good to read the blog!

      – Eliza

  22. Here’s a crazy one – my son is now 26 mos. old and he’s just getting his 11th tooth. He didn’t get his first one until he was almost 14 mos. old and this is the order they have come in:
    1. Bottom left central incisor
    2. Top left lateral incisor
    3.-4. Top two central incisors
    5. Top right lateral incisor
    6. Bottom right central incisor
    7. Top left molar
    8. Lower left molar
    9. Top right molar
    10. Lower right molar
    11. Top left canine

    And still no lower lateral incisors!

    No rhyme or reason as far as I can tell…

  23. I agree with Heather!–Thanks!
    I wasn’t able to find anything about teething order on the baby info sites I usually refer to.

    My son is going on 18 months and has cut a few molars already, but all the cuspids and lateral incisors haven’t appeared yet. I’m glad he’s able to chew more kinds of food, but it had me concerned whether he’d be missing some teeth. I guess there is no real “order” after all, and it’s not so weird.

  24. My son got his first bottom tooth in at 5 months. He got his first 2 bottom central incisors in by the time he was 6 months. Just a few weeks ago his bottom right lateral incisor came in and looks like the left one is trying to come in as well. On top of that instead of his top central incisors coming in, the dr even said looks like hes trying to get the top lateral incisors! He’s 8 months and going to have fangs if thats the case!!! lol

  25. thank you i was about to take my daughter to the dentist when i saw your story, her bottom two central incisors came through at 10 months she is now 11 months and her left lateral incisor has popped through with no central incisor just like your little boy, so glad its not going to be a drama.

  26. My son just turned 8 months and I noticed his two top lateral incisors peeking through. No central incisors. His bottom centrals came in at 4 months! Weird, but glad to hear he’s not the only one!

  27. OMG! My little girl got her bottom teeth in and her top lateral teeth in like your son! I was freaking out! My daughter looks like a 6 yr old with missing teeth! I looked everywhere to see if her top central teeth were there. She is 5mos…so now i’m wondering if her central teeth will come in soon or 3-4mos later! CRAZY!

  28. My son is getting top teeth out of order also. He got the bottom 2 central incisors at 8 months and the top left central incisor around 9 months. No sign of the top right central incisor but the top right lateral incisor is breaking through now at 10 months. He has an attached frenulum that will probably be clipped when he gets permanent teeth (and braces) because this condition generally causes a gap between the 2 central incisors. Just hoping that the gap is not so big we are mistaking the central incisor for a lateral… I really enjoyed reading the post and have comfort in knowing that he is not the only one teething out of order if there is such a thing!!

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