These Boobs Were Made for Milkin.

During Christmas I was set on getting Silas entirely weaned within a few weeks. I’ve taken away all feedings except his favorite one, the 5am one. He wakes up and demands me and we cuddle on the couch as he sleepily slurps away. Once he’s finished, we both go back to sleep. This one is going to be SO hard to get rid of. For one: he sometimes demands it at earlier times like 4am (I try to not give in that early), two: it makes him sleep longer, three: I’m going to miss it! I’m scared to death of his reaction and I’m also kind of addicted to the connectedness of nursing. It’s a milestone in my night that I look forward to. I mainly look forward to it, though, because I’ve been leaking all night and once he empties me out then I can sleep more comfortably. I’m very aware of the leaking all night long and I sleep in rather uncomfortable positions so all the leaking gets onto the towel and not on the sheets or blankets or husband. It’s getting increasingly difficult to sleep with both breasts on the towel while not sleeping on my ever growing melon of a tummy. I love being emptied out and not worrying any more about sleeping in my own wetness.

Is there a condition called overactive mammary glands??? There should be because I think I have it. I seriously am made to nurse. I have milk for a nation. I could seriously, without a doubt, nurse 3 or 4 children at once and have it be no problem. Silas had RSV once and stopped nursing for about 4 days, I never dried up, never stopped leaking….I just kept making milk. I was leaking at night before my first trimester was over. I have overactive mammaries. This is a problem.

I wonder if weaning him will even make a difference in the leakage because my next one is going to be here in roughly 4 months. I was REALLY leaking at this stage or pregnancy before. Goodness me. Anyway, I do need to wean the little booger soon. I don’t want him to have boobie jealousy or anything. He IS rather content with his cup full of warm goats milk before his nap-time. Anyway, I don’t really know where I am going with this. My boobs leak a lot. Silas likes it. I’ll tell you if I start mooing.

The end.



  1. I feel your pain! Literally, even though I know I could wean the middle of the night feeding, I too welcome the blissful feeling of being empty!

  2. (coming late to the show here…)

    I was just today thinking about weaning. All three of my boys self-weaned between 11.5 and 12.5 months. I’ve always wanted to go as long as 18 months, but the boys just wouldn’t. However, my 11 month old baby girl is still nursing 4x/day. After she turns 1yo, I’d like to get her down to 2x/day, but I don’t think she’ll go for that. She really, really loves to nurse.

    I think if I were you, rather than messing with the towel, I’d put on a really loose sleeping bra, and tuck some nursing pads in there! Maybe you’ve tried that already? I don’t leak nearly as badly as you do, and I’m glad I don’t! Waking up in a pool of milk every morning would drive me nuts.

  3. This is the most unuseful site I’ve ever come across.I asked a serious question about a parenting issue and after having read a whole wack of garbage from weather watching to who knows what, I realized I would never get my answer. Except possibly to the question “who can start up a website?” Absolutely anyone..even if they have no knowledge of the subject. Thanks for nothing.

  4. @svetlana
    ah, the age of entitlement. *the world owes me and i’m going to by god screech and snivel if i don’ts gets its*

    wah . wah . wah .

    and not true on the most unuseful blog.

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    the title goes to NO . ONE . ELSE !!!111!!1!!!11!1!


    god i lub teh interweb

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