Mushy and Gushy and Squishy and Lovey

I’m in such a honeymoon phase right now with my son. I’m all mushy and gushy and squishy and lovey about him lately. I guess by that you can conclude that he’s sleeping OK lately! I’m just constantly surprised that I can love someone SO much and that selfish little Leah isn’t so selfish anymore. I’m doing mommy things, you know, the kind where you put yourself last. I thought that becoming like this would be more of a task but it’s just a natural progression. This pregnancy is neat too because I know what I get in the end: another person to love so much that it hurts. I think about the life inside of me and I just want to explode with joy. It’s funny though, just thinking of how frustrating children are almost every single day. If you had any other relationship like that you’d walk away so quickly. No one likes to give give give all the time to a whiny, selfish person who drools and eats their own vomit (refer to the previous post about chocolate chip cookies). But if it’s your child, you don’t walk away (even though you think of it sometimes), you actually WANT to stay. You think the drooling is cute and cleaning up half eaten vomit is not only funny but you don’t really mind doing it. A few months ago I was changing Silas’ diaper and he just started pooping, I joyfully caught all the poop on its way out and even encouraged him in pushing it out, now that’s love. That’s true love. A while ago I was SO frustrated with him because he was SO grumpy and I was laying on the couch, all sick from my first trimester, and I just asked him for a kiss, not thinking he’d give me one. Over he came and planted one right on my lips and that’s all I needed. My stone heart melted and I filled with warmth again. Man if my husband was being a jerk one little kiss wouldn’t warm nothing!! Anyway, I guess my point is just how unconditional a mothers love is. It’s really the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced and I’m so excited that I get to keep being a mother my entire life. Ya being a wife is wonderful too but I wouldn’t so joyfully catch my husband’s poop in my hand!



  1. Are we living parallel poop lives? I had the same thing happen, only when I thought he was done and I had caught it all–HA jokes on me, on the wall, on the changing table, and just about everything else within the four foot radius! I wasn’t even grossed out, in fact I felt sorry for the little doodle! 🙁
    My hubby on the other hand, if his aim is off (and sadly it frequently is) I am MUCH less sympathetic!

  2. Haha, him pooping on my hand actually lead me to figuring out how to get him to poop when he’s constipated. I noticed he’d poop in the bath when I washed his bum hole, so when he was plugged one day I just covered my finger with a wipe, lifted his legs above his head and wiggled my finger in his…ahem…anus. The results were remarkable and I find it almost as enjoyable as picking his nose!

  3. You should have asked Mom – she used to poke her finger in my …ahem…anus when I was a teeny tiny constipated gaffer.

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