A Fun Game?

My son has this blanket, it’s his “smushy” because he’s always liked to smush his face into fabric when he’s going to sleep, or just for kicks. Anyway, he usually drags his smushy out of his crib sometime during the day to smush and carry it around and whatnot. It’s become slightly dangerous, though, because he likes to put it over his head and walk around. It totally reminds me of when they dressed ET up as a ghost for Halloween. He looks just like that, minus the sausage fingers poking out. So he sticks the smushy over his head and lets out his maniac laugh (only friends and family members know what that sounds like) and then hands straight out to try and catch someone. The problem with walking around with a blankie on your head is walls, chairs, tables, televisions, stoves, etc. My son walks into all of them and then cries his head off, has a snuggle and then goes back to his game only to walk into something else within a matter of seconds. He did it like three times within 5 minutes the other day. I am a giant fan of letting children experience natural consequences of things so I thought if he walks into the wall a few times no harm done and he wont do it anymore. Well, that’s not working. He sees the walking into things as a minor sacrifice when it comes to walking around with the smushie on his head. So I’ve tried to ban the game even though his maniac laugh and giggles coming from under the smushie and the cute association with ET make me watch for a few moments. He still tries pretty much every day.

*pause child needs something- getting some juice* *unpause*

Anyway, after some moments wondering if this game makes my son somewhat “special”, I noticed another boy at church with bruises all over his forehead and told his mom that Silas has the same thing because of his little game. She laughed because her son does THE SAME THING!! What are the chances? Anyway, I guess he’s not THAT “special” perhaps he’s just a daredevil and is going to be an incredible hockey player like his daddy. There are a few other games we play with the smushie as well. He likes just laying on the floor and we hold one end and throw the other on his face, apparently that’s incredibly delightful. Also if you hold it up and say “torro torro” he runs into it like a little bull.

I’m going to go get his smushie now and snap a few photos of him enjoying it for everyone. Thanks to Grandma Reimer for making it for us!!





For those who don’t know, you can click on the photo for the larger version.


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