A Meeting

On Tuesday someone from Child Development Services came to do an intake so Silas can get on the waiting list to be in their supported child development program.  Meaning they provide support with preschool up to Kindergarten.

She had a million questions about his development because she needs to categorize him.  There’s three stages: 1 is children at risk and they just have someone pop by in the daycare or preschool a few times a month to see how it’s going, 2 is they work with the preschool a bit more to develop programs and they’re a bit more present in the establishment, 3 is where the child will require an aid to be with them during preschool.  She put Silas at stage 3 which I am thankful for.  Even if we wont always be at that stage, at least we know we have all the care we need for him.

She’s also referring him to Mental Health which will hopefully help the tantrums.  They’ve gotten so bad lately again.  When asking about them she asked me to describe them so I did. “Hitting, biting, head butting, scratching, pinching, kicking and screaming bloody murder”.  She was then like “so how often does this happen?? Once a week?  Once a day??”  I looked at her and laughed and said “try 10 times a day!”.  She was sort of shocked and asked if I was okay to which I replied “well, I cry a lot”.

So to Mental Health we will go.  Which is good, we’ll get help NOW instead of waiting for his full diagnosis.

So he’s still on the waiting list for Occupational Therapy and for Speech Therapy and I’m not sure when that will happen.  In my old city I lived in, Lucas got in in about 3-4 months for OT, it’s been almost 5 now so lets hope it’s SOON.

Anyway, that’s the update.  It’s a whole lot of waiting for something to happen which I’m not enjoying.  But oh well.

I’m still not sure if the GFCF is REALLY working.  I think in about a month we’ll put him back gluten and see what happens and if everything is the same then we’ll put him back on casein.  We’ll just see.  I haven’t seen anything really profound.  Those two proteins sometimes turn into opiates in them and he didn’t ever seem stoned and I’m not sure if he seems more clear now.  He’s not stimming really anymore but his whole world is the ABC’s and 123’s.  So who knows…he lines those up all the time…just making sense with it now…like spelling Canada with his blocks or…

Whoever figures out what this says gets a star 🙂

My kid’s brilliant…he just can’t really have a conversation and can’t dress himself and he uses me for a punching bag…but he’s SO brilliant.


  1. it says “silas” backwards right? He is brilliant! I’m glad support is starting to fall into place. 😀

  2. If it takes that much longer to see a speech path, I’ll be finished my schooling and I’ll commute.Then I’ll just teach you what I learned and you can help him. 🙂 I really hate how long the whole system takes when the best time for early intervention is…early.

  3. I’m glad to hear that finally help is on the way…it is a difficult spot you’re in …here’s a hug for you.

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