Wipe Wipe Wipe

I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy these past few days.  Just trying to get all the stuff done that I never do.  Like wipe.  I’ll spare you the details of how filthy the water was…and perhaps that it was filthier than the floor water.  Kid’s grimy hands all over my walls.  The nerve.

Any hard surface downstairs has been wiped for the most part…I’m still working on it but it’s coming along.

Ikey is truly enjoying participating in the cleaning.  He has his own wipe and comes with me to the sink to rinse it every time.

Yesterday as I was sitting and wiping a wall, he couldn’t contain his gratitude towards me for this wonderful activity we were doing so he waltzed up to me and gave me a super duper tight squeeze and spoke gibberish in my ear for a few minutes.  I’ll wipe all day, every day for one of those hugs.  I got about five of them and they completely made my day.

If you didn’t see the video on yesterday’s post, have a look!!  I JUST edited it and uploaded it all again so it might not be up right away.

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