Paint is going up and my blue wall is painted and it makes my eyes do a happy dance.  It’s sooooooo pretty.  I’m semi concerned about my sandy brown color in the daylight.  It’s kinda on the lightish side and perhaps a lacking a little in depth.  Although, in the rooms where it doesn’t get a ton of sunlight it looks amazing.  Perhaps it’ll look good once it’s all painted and not just cut.  Oooo I just looked over at my blue wall again and I felt happy.  Pretty pretty pretty blue.

This whole escapade feels like a bit of a gong show.  There’s just clutter everywhere and it makes my mind feel a little nutty.  I need my mommy to come help me sort through all of this junk…or Jill.  Mommy and Jill??

My life is feeling completely out of order right now.  I think I’ll write more about that at a later date.


I don’t get many photos taken of me because I feel fat and horrible lately but if I look especially terrible then it’s just funny so here’s me with the roller and my eyes doing a happy dance.


  1. Hey baby!
    LOOOVEEE the bluueeee! yay! Such a cute photo aswell!:D
    So glad we got to come see your place the other day, it is sooo cute and I can’t wait to see what you guys will do with the place! It will be amazing! so happy for you guys:)!
    Luv ya and hope your having a good weekend!
    We should have a playdate this week, and let the screamers learn how not to scream a bit more:)! lol

  2. Hey girl its not just you(feelin’ fat) I made caramel corn today and ate some goooood cheese and drank wine. Tomorrow’s another day. The blue looks good.

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