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I was late on my blog.  Good thing Mark and Jill are on vacation or I’d be getting phone calls.  Ashleigh and Ireland came over for a very loud visit today.  Ireland and Silas need to play together more because they’re not so hot at sharing these days.  When Ireland got here Silas sang her the Barney song and gave her the appropriate hug and kiss.  We don’t watch Barney, we just kinda like that song for some weird reason.  Anyway, the play date was fun.  I’m never having three kids though, my brain turns to mush with that much going on at once.  Especially if everyone is mad at the same time.

THE CARPET IS IN!!  And it looks grandular.  I’m going to take photos later.  I’ve been messing with photos all day today and i don’t feel like messing any more.  If you wanna see my pictures you can go to family photos under my blogroll.  That site wasn’t up for a long time but now she is.  I’ve added a few new albums including August 2007 , delivery and Bad to the Bone.  The Delivery one has more photos that most of you have seen and they aren’t for the faint of heart.  I managed to crop out my Vag-J-J so you can still see Ike on his way out.  I think it’s cool.  Anyway, with the August one’s you’ll see some of my artsy fartsy photographer wannabe side.  Wooot

Anyway, time is money my friends.  I do love you all though.  There’s just more to do…more to do.  Enjoy the photos.  There’s way more on there than I put on here.


  1. What a great way to start my day… come to this place and look at my precious grandsons in BC. you captured them so beautifully. The carpet is in, yeah, yeah and yeah.

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