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What a weird blog week.  It’s was maddening and…oddly successful in terms of readership.  And I’m hoping that’s not because so much of the drama.  I’m hoping some were drawn by my vulnerability.  Because I hadn’t been that way in a while.  I felt like I needed that part of my blog back.  In a more mature way than I had done before.

Amongst feeling incredibly misunderstood and mad and frustrated and wondering why the heck people were disagreeing with me when I wasn’t stating an opinion, I was just describing myself.  I drew some conclusions.

I was kind of frustrated because I had so much positive feedback and then one comment can bring me from feeling proud to “nobody loves me”.  Completely normal.  Completely irrational.

Jillsmo sent me this comic which made me feel 100x’s better.  I was relating to a real writer and it made me feel like a real writer and the end made me feel a lot better.  A negative comment among 1000 positives ones make him cry too.  Plus all the other stuff I related to.  I’m a writer!!

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Then I got to thinking about writers.  People are still arguing over what people have written thousands of years ago.  Everyone with their own interpretations.  Splitting the interpretations into different religions who fight against each other and believing they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

People are going to interpret me in different ways.  Thankfully the authors of the Koran and the Bible don’t have WordPress accounts because they would be driven crazy!!!  Stark raving mad.

Also, no offense to women.  But some women get really offended by absolutely nothing.  Sometimes I do too.  My husband looks at me sideways wondering how I could find something offensive in him asking what kind of pizza I wanted. But it’s the WAY you said it.

We all come from different walks of life.  My tales of not being incredibly domestic and struggling to be the ultimate nurterer of husbands and childrens could be nails on a chalkboard to some women.  Oh well.

Because no one is forcing anyone to read.  It’s not like I’m being a bully or racist or a total jerk.

So, knowing my own nature which – I honestly feel bad hurting a fly so you can imagine how I feel if I hurt someone’s feelings.  If people are STILL going to be offended then.  Oh well.


Here’s a photo of a llama eating a leaf.

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