Dancing Mennos!!

Well,  I know the Menno genes run deep in Brent’s side of the family but I think mine over-took the boys a little this morning as they were hanging out with Auntie Jennie.  It’s not every day you get to see some Menno’s dancing!

We took that this morning.  It’s always nice when Jennie comes over during the day.  She got to try some left-over Matriarch Mushroom Soup and it got her stamp of approval, although she would use less salt than I do.  The soup was definitely better the day (or two) after…as soup always is.  I think tonight I’ll bake a nice chicken and show you how I make it stretch for three days (if not more).


  1. Silas is gazing so lovingly at his little brother. He’ll probably still be trying to snuggle when he’s 10 and Isaac will be telling him to “get lost!”

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