Day 8 and Monster Tomatoes

So I think I’m starting to hate lemons and maple syrup.  I actually gagged a little on my drink this morning.  I think it’s just because I’m more of a salt lover than a sweets lover.  The new maple syrup I bought tastes totally different than the last kind and it’s not nearly as tasty.  I’m glad I just have today and tomorrow drinking that stinking stuff and then I get to drink orange juice and oh my, am I ever looking forward to some nice, salty broth.  YUMMY.  And then salads the next day.  Fresh from my garden.

Speaking of my garden.  I think I’ve created a monster.  Well three monsters.  I had those cute little tomato plants in pots.  I have three different varieties.  One is very big tomatoes, the other is medium size and the other is cherry tomatoes.  The plants were so small and cute when I first got them.  I had visions of them growing say, 3 feet tall and giving me a few tomatoes here and there.  I didn’t realize that they grow at such an exponential rate.  They’re monsters.  In a month or so I’m sure I’ll have at least 60 tomatoes.  Seriously folks…I’ve counted the buds.  I have one leeeeetle tomato that’s starting to form and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it once it’s ripe.

I think it helps that the pots I planted them in are really dark in color.  They stay really hot that way.  I think now that I know tomatoes love that spot, I’m going to experiment with some heirlooms and fancier stuff next year.  I’m going to be enjoying some canned tomatoes throughout the winter as well I’m sure.  Yes, Leah is going to can stuff.  Who knew I was so domestic?  Maybe I’ll pickle some of my carrots too…yummy.

here’s what my garden looked like yesterday.  Yes I know I need to thin my carrots!!  Those tomatoes were SO ity bity just a few weeks ago.

My first tomato EVER!!  I’m so stoked.

Brent’s hair was too long so we gave it a cut.  Looks nice hey??

So does anyone know why my beet greens and my swiss chard is shriveling and looking sad??  It’s making me feel like a bad gardener.

Anyway, I’m going to try and get through these last cleansing days with a smile on my face.  It really hasn’t been that bad but I’m growing weary of the drink.  I have lost 10 pounds now and I will most likely lose a few more because I’m working out this week and that’s a great fat burner when you’re not eating many calories.  I lost 2 pounds just yesterday!!  Working out wasn’t that bad either.

Don’t worry….I chopped Brent’s mullet off…we just did that to scare everyone 🙂


  1. wow… I was trying to find a nice way to say mullet in a sentence. I couldn’t come up with anything. Wow Brent would have been one of those guys with serious hockey hair in the 80’s. Mullets are pro!

  2. Oh wow – you totally had me going with the mullet thing.

    On the subject of tomatoes – did you read the little tag that came with the tomatoes? They have very interesting facts on them – like the height and width of the plants, etc. Very interesting.

    Your garden is adorable – the zucchini will turn into your next monster … guaranteed.

  3. Ha ha, Aunty Jennie’s right – those little tags are handy things 🙂 Can you believe that my tomato plants are bigger than yours today? You need to stake those babies…give ’em tomato rings, I’d say.

    When I watered for you LAST weekend your garden was half that size…

  4. Yes, zucchini can be a monster – in fact, people joke about all the zucchini – can’t even give it away sometimes. However, you can sneak it to someones house – at night – and put it on their front porch. Your garden is very nice. Funny, we didn’t think to plant lettuce this year. Last year, we had so many tomatoes, as did the neighbors. We had trouble trying to give them away. Finally took them to where Del & Maury live. They seemed to be glad to get them. Love, Gram

  5. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Love the mullet!! HAHA!
    And the garden:) very pretty, good job babycakes:).

  6. Yes you had me going too with the mullet…and I was wondering if that was the thing out there. Good looking garden. I think Lucas will get to eat peas from my garden when they all are here.

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