Master Cleanse – Day 7 (and other stuff)

There’s new Zaza Bags up so go check them out.  Wow, it’s a really nice batch this time.  It’s only the wee hours of the morning but the bidding has already started.  I even made a bag to go into the batch and I’m quite nervous about it.  I wore it into the grocery store yesterday and I must say that it felt pretty good on.  So put your bidding shoes on and walk on over to Bags for Zaza.  After you read my blog of course.  I’ll remind you at the end of my post 🙂

So, day 7 of not eating anything.  I think yesterday was the hardest.  I ran out of maple syrup and I had to go ALL OVER to find proper grade B maple syrup.  Then after flying all over the place I landed at Super Store to get a big bag of lemons and they had every other stinking fruit and veggie known to man but the place where the lemons sit was empty.  I kinda swore a little when the dude told me they were all out and then I angrily marched out of that hell hole (I hate Super Store).  I flipped out a little and finally on my way BACK into town to go to Jennies to get her my bag I regained my composure and came up with a plan.  I don’t have enough maple syrup to last me all through until the end of Thursday so I’ll begin on drinking the orange juice on Thursday morning.  I said I’d do the cleanse until my tongue turned pink but it never really turned white.  I’m too cheap to buy a whole container of expensive syrup for one day so this way I’ll get back into solid food the way you’re supposed to.  I was going to cop out and not do the entire day of orange juice, going straight into the broth.  The idea of orange juice makes me feel ill.  I just want something salty…not sweet!!  Oh well.  I can’t believe I’m actually doing this to myself.  But I’m getting OH SO SKINNY CLEAN.  One really annoying this about this cleanse is that EVERYONE has bad breath to me.  Because I have no foods in my system, I can smell everyone else’s.  It’s gross.

So, um, why do they have to put candy in the check out aisle??  Now that Silas knows what a Smartie is,  and since I once let him grab a box of them while we were waiting…he now feels entitled to them.  Yes, I’m the one dragging the screaming child out of the store.  That’s me…wave next time.

It’s so funny, the feelings that arise when all eyes are on you as you make your way out the store.  You can always tell the difference between the eyes on you.  Some of them are soft and understanding, those people have kids.  The ones that are harsh and judgmental, those are future parents that just don’t freaking get it yet.  They’ll get their turn…muhahaha.  I once yelled “don’t judge me” at a lady who made a very loud noise in the direction of my screaming Silas.  Cow.

Saturday I was feelin fine about my new slimmer physique and I wasn’t feeling fine about all my stretched out-too big bras so I took my family to La Vie en Rose for a little shop.  It’s funny to bring you husband to a place like that…he hid in the mens section.  Anyway Silas, being his usual friendly self, was saying hello to everyone in the store.  Most people say hi back, others ignore him.  This one man looked at him and said “bye”.  Silas, not knowing this man was being rude, said hi back and the man kept saying “bye” and waving to him.  They went back and forth a few times before I could get my hands on Silas to drag him away from the old grump.  The man got a nasty glare from me.  Get over yourself old man!

The boys were very cute this morning playing together.  They were attempting ring around the rosie but Ikey gets excited and drops to his bum before the song is over.  Silas, insisting that the song must be completed, drags Isaac around and then falls on top of him in the end.  It’s pretty cute to see them take each other’s hands and try and play together.

Go check out the bags!!


  1. Oh, yeah, do I ever know how you feel on the crying-kid-in-the-store scenario! And it’s amazing to me how some people judge, when they don’t have a CLUE what it’s like to be in your shoes. My circle of good friends now includes many, many mothers of special needs kids (kinda works out that way when you have two of your own) and several of their kids are on the autism spectrum. Watching the mannerisms and habits of these children has taught me to never, ever judge what’s going on with other moms and their kids. You just never know what they’re dealing with. I think compassion is the best choice…

    And I did check out the bags…are you willing to share which is yours? 😉 (I bid on another, btw. Couldn’t help myself.)

  2. Ya know, some of us future parents FEEL for you. We “get it” more than you know. Some of us have been in public with screaming children, too, and we have been judged, just like you. We have stood in the middle of that store during that tantrum and felt the eyes boring into us, just like you.

    As a “future parent” sometimes I just get a bit annoyed with the “current parents” who are constantly assuming that all of us “non-parents” are jerks.

    Could I “USE” quotations any “MORE”? 🙂

    My mom says that when she was a young mom she often felt defensive when old ladies at church seemed to glare at her when we little ones were making noise. Now that she’s the old lady, she realizes that the old ladies (and lots of other people who look at the screaming child and frazzled parent) aren’t staring or glaring with disapproval, they’re only recognizing your struggle in that moment and silently offering solidarity.

    Sorry for the long comment. I like to read your blog, but sometimes I feel like you view us future parents as some kind of enemy! 🙁 🙂

  3. I agree with what Debbie said about her mom. We old folks are not only recognizing your struggle of the moment but also remember similar instances that we experienced years ago. But why let others bother you? Just go about your business of caring for your little ones and hooie on any one you think might be glaring at you.

  4. I’m most likely that way because when I was a future parent I was a judgmental jerk and thought I could do everything better. I’ve been put in my place.

    Grumps- that’s cuz you’re a very nice old folk 🙂

    It’s hard to not make all the glares get you more frazzled in that situation.

  5. ugh… nothing like a bunch of jerks at the store when you’re trying to deal with a little one that doesn’t want to cooperate.

    You’re right, you can tell the ones that are currently parenting young ones, because they have that look of understanding on their faces, or they don’t look at all – they are good at tuning out the yelling and screaming.

    here’s to a better day!

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