Ear Infections Ear Infections Ear Infections

Goodness my blog yesterday was taken wrong…completely!!

Anyway, I was without internet most of the day today which forced me to get other things done. I organized all the photos from this past year on my computer. I still have 2006 to do and then I’ll FINALLY make a folder of the ones I want prints of and then finally get them printed.

After Silas woke up yesterday I took his temp and it was 100.3 in his little armpit (why do they hate that so much??). I took him in to see the doc and boy, I’ll never go to a walk in for his ear infections again. My doc told me to come in even if he’s booked or not because he wants to be the one who treats the infections. He’s the only doc who was competent enough to get a look at Silas’ ear even though there was a massive glob of wax in the way, the only one who offered to clean out his ear once the infection is gone so there’s no wax. He’s so in love with giving advice that he talks forever. Again he was trying to talk me into getting pregnant, funny guy. Apparently I have beautiful kids and someone like me needs a house full of them. Wacko. I know they’re beautiful but I sure wouldn’t be if my house was full of them.

Anyway, Silas is back on stupid anti-biotics. Dangit!! The doctor talked some sense into me though, which he always does. I swear he was really meant to be a counselor…he said “my goodness, there’s much worse things in life than antibiotics”….oh…excuse me while I wipe off this look of shame from my face. Of course there’s worse things…Silly me. I need to get over it and just be grateful for the antibiotics and that they’re going to make it so Silas doesn’t go def. Duh.

I think we’ll be talking putting tubes in the ear soon. He said if they’re getting about 6 a year then we should talk about ear tubes so…I guess we should start talking soon because we’ve had 6. I’m sure he’ll even have one more before the year’s end. Perhaps not if we can keep the wax cleared and keep putting that herbal oil stuff in his ears.

Anyway…that’s all. I’m going to give you some photos now because I’ve gone photo happy these past few days…I need to spread them out because we can’t have them all on Friday!







do we look the same?










  1. That second picture is the cutest picture EVER! That boy needs a big snuggle from his aunti jill…okay, i’m the one who needs that cuddle.

  2. I’m sorry tohear about the ear infection…how does he feel about the antibiotics. The photos were all delicious.

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