Excuse Me, Can I Shave Your Pills??

Seeing as though there’s other things to life than autism…I thought I should start talking about them again.  You know, other stuff.  The goooooooooood stuff.  Ya ready?  mmmkay.

I’m all about reducing, reusing and recycling and I get very excited when I find an easy way to make old things new again so then I don’t have to buy new things to replace them thus saving our world, and our wallets, a little beating.

Now, I may be the only one in the entire world that has just discovered this and I’m sorry Roselle that I didn’t try it out earlier but I kinda forgot about it.  Lemme introduce to you the stupefying, the astonishing, the sensationnnaalll….PILL SHAVER!!!!

Oh yeah baby.  Nothing restores an old piece of worn out clothing like a pill shaver will.  It’s like a makeover for your wardrobe, bringing tired, worn out clothes back to life.

I finally remembered I had it when I was looking at my black shirt thinking it looked old.  So I got out the pill shaver and to my delight, my shirt was made brand new again with it’s amazingness.  The next day when I was folding clothes I de-pilled all of my cute Gap wool socks and they also became new again.  So now I’m basking in the afterglow of the de-pillage process and enjoying my fresh-looking clothing.  Oh yeah baby…afterGLOW…I said it.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you the fabulous job it does on a pair of Ikey’s pants.  I should have photographed the socks but I was lazy.img_70561

I wish it showed up better but you can see the difference it makes.


Aside from his messy hair and his crusty eye and the bits of food on him, he now looks like someone loves him…because his pants are new again!  Even though they are a little short…

In conclusion.  Go get yourself one of these handy little dodads and make YOUR things new looking again.  It freshens up your wardrobe without spending too much money and you’re less likely to throw the item away.  These bad boys don’t have to run you more than 15 bucks but just be careful that you don’t shave a hole in your clothes.  The one i have works amazing but I don’t know the brand.

I’m going to keep this thing in mind when I go thrift store shopping, perhaps some pilly old looking item would look good after I give it a shave.  Okay I just kinda wanna bring it in there with me and shave all the clothes because it’s fun.

If only housework were as awe inspiring to me as pill shaving….


  1. I love that I’m not the only one that loves the pill shaver. It has saved many an outfit. It was one of the things that I HAD to bring to England with me. And I’ve introduced it to several people here already. (they were complaining about how old their clothes looked…) And by the way, I think the pill shaver people should pay you much money for this great advertisement…

  2. Yes!! I just did a number on my fav spring jacket with the “pill shaver” last week . It really is a wonder what it can do…and yes one does need to be careful to keep the shavee flat so as not to make a hole. So glad you found it and what a bonus to see Ikee, thanks.

  3. Goodness, another month and those pants will be Ikie’s first “man capris” 🙂 STOP GROWING ISAAC !

  4. Neat device. …..but WOW I can’t believe how big Isaac has gotten!!!!! Like… Leah, it’s crazy. He’s such a little man now. I was seriously amazed for a few moments.

  5. Leah – thanks for writing about your pill shaver.
    I forgot that I have one in my dresser drawer. Gram

  6. My mom is the pill shaver queen. (she also irons her shoelaces…..) I can’t believe how big Ikey is! Holy smokes.

  7. Elissa and Infor. Matriarch – The picture in your blog says Evercare on the side of the shaver. Just use that word for searching and you will find Evercare Fabric Shavers multiple places and prices.


  8. I love the idea of taking the pill shaver to the thrift store with you. Test before you buy.

    I think for my birthday I would like a pill shaver and a GC for the Sally Ann!

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