Ucky Mucky Squishy Squashy Therapy!


So, today I decided to get out my handy book “The Out of Synch Child Has Fun” and try a little activity with the bratters.  It involved shaving cream and a cookie sheet.  The point is to get them playing with ooey gooey things that most likely will bother them at first.  Children with autism often have trouble with textures.  I photographed it all so you could see his reactions, it was pretty funny but he did really well.  “Really well” meaning the very tip of his finger touched it a little bit 🙂  Baby steps right?


Waiting for our activity…him trying to say that word was pretty stinking funny.


When I put the shaving cream on the pan he ran…look at that look of disgust he’s giving Ikey.  He couldn’t believe that he was touching it.  So I got into it and started playing and got an idea which would entice him over…write in it 🙂



Suddenly, when I thought all was lost, he came over.  He drew in the stuff for quite some time with an object and then I eased it away and wrote with my finger.  As long as there was something to wipe his finger off with afterward, he was ok with it.  I tried to get him to smoosh it but he wouldn’t have any of it.  But, in the world of autism, him sticking his finger in it in the first place is a big success so I’m proud of him.

hmmmm I might try this out.
hmmmm I might try this out.


*sings* one of these things is not like the other.  ha ha ha.  Ohhh Ikey
*sings* one of these things is not like the other. ha ha ha. Ohhh Ikey
he he he he he
he he he he he


yay fingers!!
yay fingers!! Note the line up of duplo beside him ha ha.
gotta wipe them off!!
gotta wipe it off!!

Anyway, a success in my mind.  We’ll be doing this with many different substances and hopefully get that boy to the point of enjoying squishy squashy fun as much as Ikey and I do.

See you tomorrrow.


  1. ..way to go Silas. That was quite funny to observe Silas facial expression. I’m going to try that fun play when the girls come over next.

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