For all you friday readers….

My sinuses hurt me.  Stupid stupid ameobas.  I took a photo of what came out of my sinuses after I rinsed them yesterday and I emailed it to my sisters but they didn’t appreciate it.  My mom sounded worried.  Ha ha.

I got a video of Silas and Jennie cooking together.  The file type I used is pretty crappy but it’s a fun video.  For those of you who don’t know is, it’s most likely boring.  Oh well…watch anyway!

And let me clarify, Jennie wasn’t goofing off on her sick day, she had a migraine and then it went away so she was going to go to work but her husband took the car to the mechanics and didn’t get a courtesy car and then I went and picked her up.  The end.

 I didn’t take many photos this last week.  Here’s a few though….I wont put my booger one up though.


My hunky hubby cooking supper in Silas’ new apron


The boys.  Like our new rug??  Look how massive Ikey is 22 crazy pounds









  1. I watched the video…AGAIN! I think that boy has “hot” and “cold” down pat 🙂 Ikey IS massive! I wonder how much Jennie and you weighed at that age; you were both li’l butter tubs too.

  2. Tune in next week for another episode of cooking with Silas! I think it should be a weekly show. I especially like how he added a pinch of cough. I’ll have to remember to try brownies that way.mmm

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