Yucky, Blucky and Snotty

Silas is being naughty today.  I think we have another ear infection on our hands.  Boooooo.  I think he’s finally asleep.  Or Finally falling asleep.  He’s had about 500 time outs today.  He’s doing alright with those.  I’ve stopped putting him in his crib and have him sit on the bottom step down here.

I’m quickly realizing that he needs to go sit on the step on his own.  I have to calmly ask him to like 80 times but then he goes and sits and does it nicely.  Otherwise I have to hold him there and it’s not nice.  He sunk his pearly whites into my hand today, I have some pretty, red teeth marks.

Ikey still isn’t feeling well.  Poor fellow.  He’s eating and sleeping and waking all in little bits.  He’s also pooping a lot.  When he coughs in his sleep there’s a high-pitched whistle that comes out.  He doesn’t do that very often though so I don’t think it’s croup or anything.  He only coughs every once in a while and doesn’t do it when awake.

I feel very yucky and blucky and snotty and gross.  I just want to sleep.  Why can’t we put our kids on pause when we’re sick??  They’re so bothersome.

Brent had an inkling to do the hand rail on our steps today so he’s working away.  It’s going to look very pretty.  I can’t wait to stain them.  I just have so much trouble picking out a stain for it.  Gosh there’s so much work to do in this house…soooo much work.

I hope some of you bought nothing yesterday for Buy Nothing Day.  If not, then don’t buy anything today :).  It’s my kinda protest…don’t do anything.


  1. Ummm, hate to let the cat out of the bag, but ya bought something yesterday. From one of the worst corporate places ever! Blame me. But it was really a lovely time…

    Did you go see a doctor? You didn’t call back.

  2. Oops I bought a piece of fabric to complete my look for the ugly sweater party last night…man did we have fun. Hadn’t laughed that much since Joyce’s last party I was at. The pause idea for kids is a great one…wonder if parents would be tempted to use it for more than its intended use.

  3. Leanne- OH NO STARBUCKS!! Crazy…..I’m a failure..ha ha. The main point of that was to not go out and buy a billion xmas pressies.

    Roselle- You need snot to make the pause button work…and it has to be your DNA.

    Good job Jenivere

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