Funny Little Ikey

Ikey is a funny little boy.  He tromps around the house he like he owns the place and knows everything.  So busy, you put him down and he doesn’t take a moment to stand still…gotta go.

His most favorite thing in the world right now is standing at the bathroom sink with a little bit of water trickling and brushing his teeth.  He’ll seriously do it for an hour or more.  Every once in a while I hear him saying “DIS DIS DIS” and I know he’s dropped his toothbrush and is too lazy to pick it up himself…so I oblige.

The only way I can tear him out of there without being scratched or beaten is with promises of food.  He’s still ticked off but at least he’s not as angry because food is his favorite thing.  Banana’s being a the top of the list.  That kid seems to be able to cram an entire banana in his mouth without hardly blinking.  A Banana lasts about 30 seconds with him and then he’s ready for seconds…and thirds….and fourths.

He’s a good eater though, loves his veggies, eats almost anything that comes his way.  Just not tomatoes unless they’re cherry ones, no pees and no avocado.  Otherwise, that boy is good to go.

Ikey also poops a lot.  Silly me for giving him good nutrition.  It’s not runny, just soft and often.  Usually upon rousing for a nap or during a good meal to make room for more food I assume.  It usually leaks out somwhere.  He usually grabs his poo covered willy with his hand as well.  He’s so gross.

Ikey loves to ruin Silas’ line ups.  Silas will make this perfect line and Isaac runs over and destroys it.  It’s hilarious and Silas doesn’t usually mind.  Silas does mind, however, when Isaac steals his food, which happens often as well.

He loves to dance and has quiet a few moves up his sleeve.  His favorite is the generic baby bop which he can easily do in double time.  He also has some kicks, stomps and claps that he throws in as well.  His favorite song is row row row which is attempts to sing in his low, raspy voice but he’s got not a clue about a tune…

Isaac loves going to the park only to put rocks in his mouth and hold onto sticks.  He always wants something like a stick in his hand.  Something long to hold onto and carry around so one day he can fall on it and lose an eye.  He also enjoys the slide as well but sometimes doesn’t understand that he needs to sit first and will attempt to walk down it.  Once he’s on his bum he does the cutest scootch ever to get his momentum.  He also loves hanging from the monkey bars and will kick his feet like a wild man when he dangles.

The other day I was trying to get a kitty to come and see Silas and I.  Isaac watched as I stuck my hand out towards the cat and made kissy noises and the cat came over.  Now whenever he sees a cat he does that to him and it’s one of the cutest things in the world.

Speaking of animals, I think he thinks most things bark because he’ll even walk up to a bug and bark at it.  He loves doggies though, they can get him laughing so hard if they lick him.  Cute baby.

Isaac is seriously a dream child.  Yes I almost threw him out the window trying to nurse him for his first 5 months of life but I’m glad we’re past that and onto more fun things.

But he just woke up now and he has a poopy bum…so back to admiring him instead of talking about him.  Even though theres a million more things to say.


  1. Very cute. I wish Aidan was as into brushing his teeth as Ikey is–you’re lucky!!! It’s a battle field. Maybe I’ll try letting him stand on a chair and do it himself like Ikey does….maybe that will be the answer!?

  2. oh my, i wish i could get cornelius to stand at the sink for an hour and brush his teeth… or at least 30 seconds! HI IKEY 🙂

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