Goodbye Pretty Shoes

It’s time to retire the nice shoes until after baby is born. Instead I need to wear ugly runners or crocs or else my hips will come loose and I’ll topple to the floor in a big heap of pitiful jointpain-ness…hmmm. I got to sing in-front of my entire church today in my nice sweater and ugly runners. I couldn’t bring myself to wear the crocs to church even though they’re super comfy…I have an aversion to crocs and public…mainly because I don’t like following the main stream. I love them though mother in law!!! Wearing my runners when I’m not working out is weird, they make me feel bouncy and I make long strides, I have to remember I’m not on a work-out, I’m just dashing to the bathroom…again. Also it’s time to retire from the toddler Sunday school (Sunday’s cool at my church..haha) looks like lifting anything heaver than my son also makes me crumple into a pile of jointpain-ness. Oh well, Silas doesn’t let me hold the other kids when we are in there much anyway but I thought it wise to send my letter of resignation before it’s too late.

Totally different topic now:

I have a bone to pick. People don’t know how to hand you change anymore. I haven’t dealt with it much because I’ve always paid with a card but we’re trying to live off cash now to save money. Anyone that works a till please pay attention!!!! When giving change PLEASE put the coins in the hand before you put the bills!! It’s such a pain when people put your change on top of your bills because they slide around and it’s awkward and I hate it! One girl the other day fought me, I tried to get the coins in my hand first and then grab the bill but she just wouldn’t have it. It makes it harder when I have a wiggly toddler in my arms. Anyway, there’s my beef, read it and take it seriously because I’m going to freak out next time someone does it!!!

The end.

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