Healed Bum

Not much to say today.  Ike’s bum is almost healed.  Funny how it did better without the uber expensive prescription crap.  I shouldn’t have wasted 30 bucks, grrrrrr.

MIL and I went for a walk today and got caught in the rain, it was slightly exciting.  I woke up with anxiety but that’s all passed now after the walk.  Yay.  I’m thinking of taking some St. John’s wort and seeing if that helps at all.  I’ve looked online and it seems as though it’s fine to nurse and take that.  I’d rather take that then something else while nursing that’s for sure.  I’ll make sure it’s ok with my doc first though.  I felt bad for Silas because we had to cut his play time really short because of the pouring rain, he was not very happy about that.  I think he would have played in the rain for hours and not even notice.

Ike slept ok last night.  I really hate that I can hear his night noises from my room, it made for a bad sleep for me last night.  I’m considering sticking him in the laundry room so I don’t hear all the grunts.  I hear one and then I lay there wide awake waiting for a cry to come, it’s very annoying.  Of course the cry didn’t come for hours so it took me a while to get to sleep.  Grrrr.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say to you people.  Here’s some photos for your visual enjoyment.







  1. I saw a hummingbird outside my kitchen window today checking out my hanging basket – I thought of you. (okay, sorry if that’s cheesy. I just know you love such things.)
    Lots of prayers being sent your way still. Cheers for healed bums and walks in the rain.

  2. Those boys are so precious!

    If you closed both doors (yours and Ike’s) would it help with the noise? I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but I’m the master at pointing out the obvious 😆

  3. Ike is sleeping in the living room. I’d close my door but then I couldn’t hear Silas in the night because he’s on the other side of the house 🙁

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