He’s OUT!

I wrote this in the hospital last night but couldn’t get it up until now.  We’re all home and doing well.  I’m too tired to say much else, I’m so glad I was in a writing mood last night.

I’m in the hospital right now writing this into my sister’s computer to upload. Funny how I think of blogging right after something significant happens in my life.

Chim Chim arrived last night ( May 29) at 11:15 PM. He’s 8 pounds and 51.5 cm long. His arrival was a traumatic one, mainly for me but he also was a bit traumatized with the cord wrapped around his poor little neck. He came into the world very blue and limp.

My contractions started to get regular at about 4:30 pm and were about 20 minutes apart. They soon got to 5 minutes apart so we went in to the hospital around 9:00pm. Once getting checked they decided to keep me in, I was 4cms.

Justmakingitupasigo’s prediction was right, this baby came right out of me. I was ok for about an hour and a half, joking around between contractions and keeping myself in control. Soon the laughter stopped and the hysteria started in. I was feeling so weak and asking for drugs. I never thought that would come out of my mouth but I wasn’t handling things well, it was all happening so fast. Too little to late though, I was 9cms and the doc was being called to break my water and get this baby out. No drugs for me.

I felt so out of control which was something I didn’t really experience with Silas. Funny how long and drawn out labour is actually easier to handle. My mind went wild as I was sucking back gas, crying, and wishing to die. My body just took over for me as I wept and yelled out “I can’t do this”. My body pushed for me and stopped the pushes when it had to. Everyone said I did so great and maintained control so well. I know for a fact that I really didn’t. My body just took over for me, I really take no responsibility.

It burned and burned as he crowned, I can still feel that pain. The doctor let his head come out slow as to not rip me too far. I’m so glad that the burning actually feels better than a contraction, pushing is almost ecstasy and the burning is an easy trade off for the amazing pain of the contraction. Soon his head was all the way out. I was already feeling beaten when they told me to touch his head. Feeling it like that gave me the inspiration to go on. The doctor said that with the next contraction we’d have the baby. Three pushes and I felt the rest of his body slide from me. The relief that I felt was amazing but only lasted about 30 seconds.

Like I said, Chim Chim came into the world very blue. Brent reassured me that his eyes were open and that he was OK. The cry came a few minutes later, the best sound ever. The burning that came afterwards was amazing. I wanted to die. My whole body was shaking and I was weeping and weeping. I think it was mostly from shock. I hated the doctor for having to poke and prod around down there. I was mad when all of my placenta wasn’t delivered at once and he had to keep poking around. It was like salt in my wounds. Once he was done down there I held a frozen pad to myself and shook and wept and shook and wept. I felt so battered and beaten, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

Chim Chim nursed like a pro straight away and continues to do so. My burning pain went away with the glory of codeine and I am thankful that I feel really well. I actually feel like I felt after about 5 weeks of healing after I had Silas. Having no rips is a major bonus for sure, I’d recommend it!

So far Chim Chim has done amazing. He’s all wide eyed most of the time. He seems to be excited about the world around him because he really doesn’t want to sleep. Perhaps he’s just as excited as I am because I’m running on hardly any sleep. Right now he’s staring at Auntie Jennie as she sings him the Chim Chiminey song from Mary Poppins.

I’m doing great right now. I’m glad I’m done telling the story because thinking about it makes me feel slightly ill. I’ll be home tomorrow to give more updates and put up photos. For those of you who know Silas, they look like brothers for sure.

I guess we don’t need to call him Chim Chim anymore although that name comes to my mouth easier than his real one.

Isaac Gordon.

Time to sign off and check for a poopy diaper.

Anyway, that’s all.  I’m too weird feeling for any more updates right now.  Pictures later.


  1. I love the name! Issac is one of my favorites…

    I had a quick birth with my second, but somehow I made it through. I don’t know why. It IS scary when it happens that fast-it’s not what any of us are prepared for. But then, I’m a jump in the pool and get it over with girl. The thought of a long labour makes me want to die.

    I’m just glad you’re ok, and he’s ok. And you really did it-not your body alone-YOU did it.

    It’s been over 2 years, and I can STILL feel the crowning feeling. And I swear, I heard a sound like an oyster being shucked as she crowned.

    I’m glad you’re ok, and he’s out and it’s all over.

    Waiting for pictures! Now go get some sleep!

  2. Wow, Leah! You did it all by yourself (whether “you” did it or “your body” did it is just semantics)! I’m so proud of you!

    I’m glad that Isaac is nursing well and that you are feeling not too badly.

    Can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing your story and so much of your story leading up to it!

    Hopefully, I will be sharing my story before too much longer!


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