I’m Never Going Here

Searching for a meme to do today, I came across Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop and I decided to join in.  The other meme I was thinking about, well the theme was soup.  I would write many an ode to soup but…it felt a bit…empty.  ANYway…I chose Mama Kat and the prompt I chose is: Name a place in the world that you never want to visit.

No, it’s not some third world country with crazy guerilla warfare happening (that would be next on the list).  But I have one so so so much higher on the list and you’re going to think I am CRAZY.  The number one country I never want to visit is Australia.

Yes it’s gorgeous there.  Yes I think anyone with an Aussie accent is instahot (it’s a word because I said so).  Yes I enjoy a kangaroo.

It’s just the…spiders.

They have spiders the size of dinner plates there and ever since I’ve known that, I haven’t wanted to get near there and have been full of gratitude that the country is surrounded by water.  So unless the spiders built a big boat…they’re fairly contained.  Not only are these spiders disgusting and scary, they will kill you.  With their large fangs.

Actually, Australia has a very concentrated amount of deathly fauna.  Even the sweet, fluffy kangaroos aren’t safe.  I’d seriously rather be killed by a gun wielding human than a gigantic spider.  I’d actually rather be killed by a gun wielding human than by any other species.

Here in Canada, our small woodland creatures are cute and fluffy and won’t kill you.  I like that.

They have great white sharks there too.  There’s even a top 10 list of the animals most likely to kill you there and they have TWO spiders on that list.  They also have jelly fish as #1 and what’s weird about that is that it reminded me that I had a dream that I was swimming with deadly jellyfish.

Just to prove my point, I was actually brave enough to look through photos of spiders on google…and then I realized the face I was making…so to further prove my disgust, I thought I’d share it with you.

Anyway.  Here’s a photo.  I’m having trouble with it because it’s so terrible and awful to look at.  This photo sums up exactly why I will never go there…EVER!

 Okay I have to publish this so I don’t have to look at it anymore.


  1. Argh! I could have written this post…wait, I did, but not as eloquently as you did here. My brain shut down while I was doing the Google image search for giant spiders and I couldn’t get more than a few sentences out. Seriously, I just checked the ceiling again to make sure it hadn’t somehow materialized above me.

    Maybe this degree of arachnophobia is a Canadian thing, since we never see anything bigger than a wolf spider (which is bad enough!!). Maybe we would get desensitized if we lived somewhere else.

    Hmm…I don’t know about you, but I doubt it. I think I would be a permanent nervous wreck.
    Azara recently posted..The worst place in the worldMy Profile

    1. Yes, the wolf spiders terrify me enough!! Those suckers can jump!!! But luckily I’ve never seen one jump…even when I scream and throw shoes at them.

      This blog was definitely stressful to get through, I posted the spider at the end just so I didn’t have to look at it for very long.

      1. I saw one jump the other day 🙂 I told my co-worker it wasn’t a wolf spider, so she would stop screaming, but after that sucker leaped away from me I knew it was 🙂 It was awesome!

  2. LOL… you’re so funny Leah. I love it. and I’m a Canadian that grew up overseas in a country with really large spiders. every Canadian spider I’ve ever met is not scary compared to the ones I remember from my youth overseas. perhaps I can help prove Azara’s point about becoming desensitized. =)

    1. you’re crazy and I would make you do a FULL cleansing of all belongings and parts before I’d let you near me…and before I’d go in your house. What if one crawled into your luggage?? IT WOULD EAT MADDIE!

      1. I will go with you Jennie. I am working very hard to NOT be a scaredy spider screamer. I probably will still scream when we go to Australia, but when we get back our wimpy li’l arachnids will be no problem 🙂

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