I’m on Twitter!!

For those of you who haven’t noticed the twitter widget over there –> then please, note it and add me to your twitter.  Also, making it SUPER easy for you, I’ll just let you click here and you can find me and add me and be merry and happy.  I’ll follow you too!!

The purpose of twitter?  Who knows.  But I’ve found it’s rocking for connecting to other autism parents, other parent parents, people who feel like following me for reasons I do not know at all.

If you do follow…drop me a line so I know you’re a reader.


Today Silas went all Mozart and started plunking out twinkle twinkle little star on his toy piano…yes yes he did.  When he shows interest in something like that he usually takes off like a rocket and learns everything in like a week.  I’m not getting my hopes up…not calling Ellen because we all know she like “I LOVE LITTLE KIDS PLAYING THE PIANO”.  But seeing he hasn’t figured out the entire song yet, we’ll leave it.

Leanne can he start piano lessons already?  I gotta get that boy interested in reading MUSIC.

Anyway, happy friday, have a good weekend and I love you all BUNCHES!

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