Autistic Poops….seriously.

Something interesting has caught my attention.  Both of my boys came down with a fever and the run last week.  The runs have continued into this week.  Oh boy oh boy am I ever tired of the runs.  Nothing like waking up to poo all over the place…and placing half awake autistic boy into a shower…fun fun fun.

But something funny happened to Silas when he got sick.  I guess the best way to put it is that the autism got worse.

And this is interesting to me because a lot of kids with autism HAVE bowel issues, once they on on the GFCF they seem to get rid of the run and get better.  Silas usually has loose poops mostly due to the fact that I can’t seem to not overdo fiber with them.  But sorry, just can’t stick white rice and white flour in my kids all the time.  Not good.

Anyway, Silas is rather wretched to deal with, and not just because he’s coated in his own feces all the time.  I’m getting flashbacks of Jan, Feb and March when life with him was hell.  Oh PLEASE don’t let us go back to the hell…not yet, the good times haven’t lasted very long.

Yesterday I had to restrain him a bit, when we go out he asks to go home, he’s stimming more etc etc etc.

The thing is, our bowels are SO connected with our brains.  Did you know that if you don’t have at least two bowel movements in a day then you’re ability to make a smart decision isn’t as strong as it should be?  That’s why when I’m stressed I blow up like a balloon and either get plugged up or full of the runs and gas.  Our minds are very connected with our bowels.

Lets hope for some better bowel movements for my kids…and for my sanity…and for my pocketbook.  The runs are EXPENSIVE!!

I went to the doc today to get him to fill out forms so we can claim Silas’ autism on our taxes (ohmygoodness we’re getting a lot of money from that…bye bye debt!!!…seriously woooot) and he also told me to stop letting them have any milk products until their poops go back to normal.  He said that milk can continue a flu like that on because it can irritate the bowels.  Why do we even drink cows milk?  So not good for us really…but oh so delicious in all its forms.

So now you all know what to do if your contemplating putting a valve on your child’s butt holes!!!

Sooooooo on the weekend I decided to tackle the disgusting mess of a car that I had.  I was happy to use my norwex cloth which made the job like 80000 times easier btw.  Anyway, cleaning cleaning all while the little boy who used to live in our house played ninjas rather close to me and kept making this reall weird noise with his mouth.  I always knew something was up with this kid I kinda blamed it on a bad mother ha ha ha…kinda like they used to blame autism on bad mothering…oops.

ANNNNYway, later on that day he was hanging out with his kindasortanotreally stepdad and Silas was on my lap burrying his face in my neck.  The guy was like “what’s wrong with your kid?” and I said he has autism and he points to the little boy and says “so does he!!”.  What’s odd is that this kid’s old room is Silas’ room now.  Weird hey?

This kid is doing so well.  I heard weird stories about their family from the neighbours but now I realize it all fits with the autism….so I’m bracing myself to be judged as a bad mother by people who have no clue.  OHHHH WELLLL.  Kinda like the old ladies in the bank line did today as Silas was freaking out on me.

Drugs have really helped this kid.  Hes obviously pretending (ninjas) and he’s talking just fine.  He put his own shoes on, he was doing loads of things.  I wouldn’t have guessed autism.  Kinda weird though they two autistic kids have lived in this house.

Annnnnnnd I have bangs.

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  1. Lukey had the runs when we started th GFCF diet and he got strep throat, went on soy/rice milk strike so we had to resume the cows milk and now he is plugged- ugh! Never a dull moment- just always shitty! Anyway I have gotten over the whole idea of people thinking I am a bad mom when Lukey acts out in public- I dare them to say anything to me about him! I will say- well then you take him home for 24 hours and see how much better you do with him! I betcha no one will take me up on this offer…..

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