It’s My Blogaversary!!

Yaaaaay. I’m having a little mini celebration in my mind now…I’m doing a little happy dance. I’ve been blogging here for a year! This year has been very eventful so I thought I’d do a little look back over this past year to see what’s happened. I’ll add links to the blogs I wrote about the events…if I find them.

In the past year I…

  • Weaned Silas from nursing
  • Got evicted from my apartment
  • Realized the wonder of a chiropractor
  • Glided into my mid-20’s with grace
  • Gave birth to the cutest baby in the world
  • Bought a home
  • Moved twice
  • Started renovating my house
  • Broke my right pinky toe
  • Broke my left pinky toe
  • Gained an obscene amount of weight
  • Lost 20 pounds of obscene weight (30 more before pre preggo weight)
  • Watched as my even-tempered baby turned into an angry, violent, raging toddler.
  • Grew another nipple
  • Got to be in a documentary on TV in the UK
  • Got in a car accident
  • Made 336 posts (including this one)
  • Only missed 29 days of blogging
  • Had 59 155 hits
  • Received 1 989 comments
  • Had 407 hits one day (today is looking like it might almost get that high)
  • Paid off 10 000 worth of debt (holy crap! That’s not including mortgage)
  • Celebrated 3 years of marriage
  • Flew to Manitoba twice
  • Found out Silas is allergic to peanuts
  • Got progressively more addicted to caffeine
  • Learned a lot about myself

That’s a lot of stuff for one year. That wore me out! No wonder I’m so tired. It was pretty fun to calculate the debt thing, that looks like a lot of progress to me. Wow.

Anyway folks. Thanks so much for sticking with me, reading, and commenting. I love it so much that I’ve found something that I enjoy doing every day. I don’t have to muster up any motivation to blog. This is really the longest I’ve ever stuck to something. I wish I could make a living blogging!

Welp, I’m off to celebrate by scrubbing toilets and perhaps reading my new novel a bit.

Time to send me presents 🙂 ha ha.  For my blogaversary presents I want everyone…even lurkers…even people passing by to please leave a comment 🙂



  1. Congratulations! Happy 1 Year!! Way to blog on…I’m so proud of you. *sniffles*. *tears* Its like my little girl is all grown up. Tissue…anyone. YAY!!

  2. Ha ha – I like Jenefur’s question – she’s obviously new to the “World of Leah”.

    I like your list. I need to make a list. Everyone needs to make a list. And post it. And toast it.

  3. Happy blogaversary!!!! If I could I’d bring over some homemade pizza pops(that Mel and I made today) and perhapes a bottle of wine from Gord’s stash. Much has happened in your year and you’re just learning every day, things that are making you wiser…isn’t that what we all want?

  4. Happy Bloggiversary.

    It does feel good to make it through another year, keeping the schedule and have +100 readers watching your blog.

    Keep Bloggin’!

  5. congrats on your blogaversary! never posted but you made me! i started reading in november while waiting patiently for ds to be born (2weeks late! born nov19!) i love your blog, helps keep me sane!

  6. Happy 1st!
    You should sign up for Blog 365, since you already write everyday…
    I’ve gotten a little extra traffic through it and have met some really cool people!
    Keep up the faithful blogging. I stop in every day 🙂

  7. Congrats on your first blogging anniversary little granddaughter. You’ve made a good start. We can hardly wait to see what you have to say when you are approaching your umpteenth anniversary, your sons are out of the house, and you and your hubby are empty nesters. We’ll be watching and reading.

  8. Happy Blogaversary! I have really enjoyed lurking here and reading your blog regularily! Looking forward to another year… although it has been about 3 days since a new post!!! You are slacking in this new year!! HA

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