Passionate for Laundry

Don’t worry folks.  I am alive!!  I couldn’t blog on Thursday and Friday because I was in the company of some very dear friends and family and, sorry to say, I’d rather hang out with my loved ones than blog every day!

Both of my boys are in bed, at least one is confirmed as sleeping, I have a mug of coffee (that’s been re-warmed twice now), the house isn’t in shambles…life is gooooood.

I’ve figured out what my darling Silas is doing when he lines things up.  He’s pretending that it’s the row of soaps and stain removers that I have on top of my washer/dryer.   He wiggles them like the washing machine (water fan) does (to my line up of soaps) on the spin cycle.  The spin cycle is his very favorite.  Sometimes he even makes the sound effects as he wiggles them.

Today he lined various bottles of lotions and things up beside the computer and did his own bottle wiggling while the water fan did the same.  I get it now.

Seeing that today is laundry day, it’s usually going for most of the day because I do all the bed linens and towels and everything.  He loves Monday.  This morning I started in right away and he refused to come downstairs for his breakfast.  I figured he’d come down when he was hungry.  After an hour or so I thought it would be pretty funny to give him his breakfast in front of the water fan so he could have the best of both worlds.  I was pretty sure there’d be a mess after but sometimes you have to make a mess to have fun.  This doesn’t seem like the nicest spot for breakfast but it was pretty cute anyway.


Let’s just say most of those Cheerios didn’t make it into his mouth.  Oh well.  Wow what a mess in front of it all…don’t worry, I cleaned it up once Ikey crawled in there and tried to eat a ball of lint.

It’s funny what keeps kids entertained.  He doesn’t sit and watch it cycle through completely, he’s just happy it’s on.  He mainly listens for the spin cycle to come on and then he runs over to watch the things on top jiggle.  He always gives me extra things to go up there too.  Right now there’s a bunny, some bath toys, some dinosaurs, a magnet and a few other odds and ends.  I think this all stemmed from when the bleach fell off the top.  He’s also very fascinated it bleach….and soap.  He has an empty rice cereal box that’s his pretend soap.  He often comes up to me and says “put in da soap!” then I have to repeat him and then he pretends to put it in something.  Who knew he’d have such passion for the laundry?

His passion is handy though.  Keeps the laundry piles small for sure.  He always tells me when the load is done also so we keep things moving along.  He gives me step-by-step instructions on how to go about the laundry as well.  “put it in the laundry” “close da door” “put in da soap”.  He loads it for me sometimes too.  He’s also very happy when his smushy (his blanket that goes everywhere) gets to go in the wash.  Sometimes I find it there, he somehow sneaks it in.

It may seem a bit weird but I say that at least he’s not glued to the TV all day.  I’d much rather him get good at doing laundry!


  1. I’m very excited that it’s all figured out. Things he might be when he grows up:

    A chemist (centrifuge’s spin)
    A Maytag repair man
    A DJ (music and spinning)
    A cement pourer (trucks and spinning)

  2. He could be :
    A propeller mechanic
    A tire repairman
    An astronaut centrifuge operator

    We have a brilliant great grandson. I (Gram) would rather sit with Silas with a box of chocolates
    and watch the spinning. However, that is a big NO.

  3. Cute! That’s nice that you have someone to remind you when the load is done. Mine is sitting in the washer, waiting to be dried. I should do something about that!

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