Why I Blog

Ever since I was a little girl I journaled. I have a bunch of books in storage that document my life. After getting married, my journaling slowed down. I think it’s because I used to journal before going to bed and now I have someone there with me, didn’t seem like a private enough place for some good journaling.

I used to imagine people reading my words. While I wrote about the boy of the week (in highschool), I’d wonder if someone was going to read it when I died. I thought about my kids reading it and how weirded out they’d be at my crazy tales of boys and kissing and parent bashing.

When I heard about blogging, I was really drawn to it. I started off with some myspace entries and a few on my msn page. A friend of mine, Kristy’s husband, began to encourage me to get my blog out there more. He recommended wordpress and set up my first blog for me, Health and Sanity. I had been scribbling away about food and health and whatever else and I guess I needed a better place to do it. He also encouraged me to start this blog because of some entries he had read of mine. So I started it.

At first I was madly obsessed with the numbers. I wanted as many people to read it as possible so to promote myself, I’d comment on other blogs. I really wanted those hits. After a while, I got over that. I’m still pretty proud of my #’s. I didn’t think I’d break 50 000 anytime soon but it happened and I’m so thankful for the community that I have around me.

I’m glad to be able to journal and then have people read it right away. I love having a voice and I always hope that my words make other stay at home mothers feel like there’s other people out there that are going through the same thing as they are.

I started to realize that this blogging thing is a good avenue for keeping people close to me. We have Brent’s family in MB, my parents farther north, my sister in Alberta and other relatives in the US. I remember my MIL telling me how I need to keep up with pictures and correspondence when I was pregnant with Silas. I think I’ve done a fairly good job.

Sometimes I wonder if I tailor this blog too much. Sometimes I want to write more about my hurt or my frustrations but I don’t want to scare anyone and I also don’t want to get those annoying comments from people who are feeling obligated to feel sorry for me. I also would LOVE to talk about more taboo things like, as Joyce said, “nipple hair and hemorrhoids”. I know there’s a few people out there that read my blog for shock value…but I really am MUCH more shocking than what I come across as in this blog.

I’d love to blog more about my adult ADD but I think people think I’m just using that as an excuse. People always get quiet when I talk about my ADD. I find the whole thing fascinating but…I guess it’s awkward for some. So many people comment about how I’m normal and everyone goes through these things. People have trouble truly understanding what it’s like to live with an ADD brain and how different it really feels.  Perhaps I SHOULD blog about it more.  It shouldn’t be such a taboo subject.  People need to know that it’s not a mind over matter thing.

Thank you for reading my blog, the fact the people like to read every day blows my mind.  I can’t believe that tomorrow is my first blogaversary!!  Here’s a link to my very first blog!  Click here!


  1. Why I read your blog:
    – I’m your sister and I have to
    – It’s funny and shocking
    – It has lots of nice pictures
    – It’s about people I love
    – It’s real

  2. You have done avery good job at staying connected with me with your pictures and words…sometimes a little shocking but always honest(I think)and I’ve come to make reading your blog part of my day. Thank you very much too for all the great photos of my handsome grandsons. Ilove you.

  3. Yeah I blog for the same reasons – only I enjoy (currenly) not having anyone in real life (that I know of) reading it and knowing it’s me cuz it does enable me to lay it ALL on the line and get it all out of my head and heart.

  4. Thanks for blogging Munchy! It’s been a great way for me to stay informed with your life, “the boys”, and your feelings.

  5. Speaking of nipple hair – mine has gone away after having and nursing Kitten. Have you heard of this happening to anyone else? Do you think it will come back? (not that it matters, it was only three or four hairs, and I pulled them out with tweezers when I wasn’t lazy)

  6. I have the same thought about blogging, but I always think if people are interested in my stories. Some of my college friends do want to know what is going on in my life after graduation, and for that reason, I keep on writing. But I don’t let anyone comment on my writings, because some people out there are nasty, unfortunately. They leave bad comments that, sometimes, don’t relate to the subject at all.
    Happy blogging!

  7. I feel the same way about blogging about the experience of eating disorder and anxiety. I have the urge to reassure people that I am ok. that they can trust me with their children. It is also extremely close to my heart and more difficult to take the risk of people misunderstanding and being judgemental or flippant.

    I imagine that is how you feel about writing about ADD?

  8. Joyce, I more feel like people think “ya right, it’s all in her head” or that ADD isn’t a real disorder, just for stupid people or people who need an excuse. It really bothers me, it’s very misunderstood.

  9. You could always just start another blog – here or elsewhere (there’s a ton of free sites) – and falsify your name and location, as well as those you may mention in the blog… and use that one to get out more personal thoughts that you don’t want to divulge here.
    Whatever you do, keep on writing – it’s good stuff. 🙂

  10. Happy Blogaversary. You need to do your blog before noon each day – so I can read it on my lunch breaks. Sheesh.

  11. I’m so glad I found your blog. I am in the process of being evaluated for adult ADD (read – waiting patiently for my counseling appointment). It seems to fit my “behaviors” and would certainly explain A LOT! So I would love to see you blog about it more. I’ll be back….

  12. Thanks for your visiting and commenting on my blog, AND for the book recommendation. Think I’ll pick it up this afternoon…

    I appreciate your encouragement on my ADDventure – it certainly has been that so far. 🙂

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