Long Weekend Road Trip

Road trips are the best.  Especially if you’re going to one of the most calming, quiet, beautiful places.  Knowing my siblings were on their way to the same place.

If there was a way for us to make enough money…and better elementary schools, I would so be living in British Columbia’s interior.  Quiet, vast, serene, sunny…*sigh*.

It was very nice and relaxing.  Hot tubs, gardening, walks around the lake, badminton games with my husband, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, movies, the best coffee in the world, long conversations snuggled up under blankets on the deck, drinking coffee as we’re all piled up in our parent’s bed in the morning (ya we still do that), delicious food, cigars, wine, help with the kids.  You can’t go wrong in a place like that. Add to that, we listened to The Princess and the Goblin the whole way home and the children were perfectly quiet unless they needed a snack.  Score.

the kids love going through the tunnels
Road trips are never boring when you have someone this hot at the wheel
with sexy tatts to boot 🙂
the scenery never fails to amaze me, even though I've driven this road hundreds of times.
There's a vast desert in BC.
I always expect to see a moose here..
Grandpa was in Heaven
That ipad was quite the spectacle
Settlers of catan
Settlers of Catan, the perfect weekend game
Nothing like free dental care a-la my mommy.
Isaac takes his oral hygiene very seriously. There was no way we could get a photo of Silas, he did manage a bit of a polish though...
Nothing like having a big cousin to wrestle with.
I can't believe I have such a large nephew. I love him so much.
A nice nap on the ride home
Can't be sad to be home when you get a tweet from THE Raffi! Made me soooo happy 🙂 If he rescues a dog in the near future, I'm so taking the credit.






  1. Love the pics. So glad you enjoyed the Princess and the Goblin. We have an illustrated copy with truly terrifying pictures. 🙂 What did you say to Raffi to get that response?

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