Money Money Money Money….MONEY

The title is supposed to be sung that that song.  Anyway…

My mind is buzzing with all these ideas for raising money for Silas.  A Gala?  A church event?  Selling things on my blog??  Begging?

The government is going to give us 20 grand which we will only be able to spend on ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy annnnnd…one more thing… ha ha.

There’s so many other things we need to do with Silas.  He needs to see a DAN doctor, he needs to eat organically, he needs high potency supplements, we want to take a few trips that will really help us learn to live with Silas and also how to understand exactly how his mind is working, etc.  In other words, I don’t want the best for my boy, I need it…and so does he.  So yes, money money money.  We’re going to squeeze it out as many places we can find so that Silas has the very very best.

In other news, I need to shower.  I’m going to the Arbonne regional event tonight so I need to not smell bad.  Yes I’m selling Arbonne now and I’m TOTALLY stoked about it.  It’s the perfect little side job for me so we don’t have to get those warning letters anymore telling us they’re going to shut off our TV…or the electricity or something crazy like that.  Don’t worry, we paid them finally :).  I’ll talk more about Arbonne later.

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