Temple Grandin

I’ve just discovered the wonder that is Temple Grandin and I think everyone needs to watch this documentary on her.  She is an adult with autism that used to be severely autistic but she has come out of it a lot.  She gives us a lot of insight into an autistic mind and it really helps me understand Silas more.  I’m about to read the book she wrote about it called Emergence and also the book her mom wrote about raising her.  I’m very very excited about all of it.

So if you have a bit of time, I now will leave you in her wise hands.  Enjoy.

Click here to see it on a bigger screen.


  1. Jennie C is not the only one that wants a squeeze tube! Throughout life, that’s why so many so-called “normal” people seek out close spaces when they feel unsafe. The folds of Linus’ blanket, Snoopy in his doghouse, my uncle in his favorite closet under the stairs 🙂
    I hope you enjoy her books. I have read two (the ones about animals) and appreciate her point of view, if not the way she uses it professionally.
    I enjoy your blog, too btw.

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