My Souleth Restoreth

Today is a day that has restored my soul.  Oh beautiful fall day!  My sister Juliet and I went to this farm that has hay rides, petting zoo, pumpkins, etc.  It was beautiful there.  The boys just loved it.  I was tentative to take Silas on the hay ride because I thought he would be having too much fun running around and petting animals.  HE LOVED IT, he did not want to get off that hay ride, he flipped.  He was so mad, not even the goats and freaky-lookin turkeys could make him feel better but the darling little lambs soothed him quite a lot.

For lunch we sat and ate hot dogs and listened to the lives musicians play Silas just stared at them the entire time, he was fascinated.  It was lovely.  Silas had his first romp in the hay as well which he enjoyed muchly.  Isaac was so relaxed the entire time.  It was like he was just taking it all in.  It felt sooo good to be there and just enjoy nature with my boys and my sister.  Juliet is the perfect person to bring to a place like that because her and I are both incredibly giddy about all the animals and pumpkins and things.  We could just pet the goats all day.

Once back from the farm and the boy were fed and sleeping, Jennie came over and we went to this nearby park with hiking trails and ran.  We probably ran about a total of 45 minutes, walked a bit and did our crunches and push ups.  It was SO beautiful there, unbelievable!  Just running through the forest pretty much.  Jennie took a little tumble when I made her climb over something in true bootcamp style and I’m giggling just thinking about it!!  I love where I live now, I can just drive a few minutes and it feels like I’m in the country.  The run went really well although I could feel my SI joint the whole time, nothing my chiro can’t handle I don’t think.  We didn’t run down the hills because we have bad joints but we sure ran up a lot.  I couldn’t believe how well we did.  I think we did about 5 kms.  I also ran for 30 mins the other day which is so weird for me.  Never have I enjoyed running, I didn’t realize that I could jog for so long.  It feels like it recharges my brains.

Anyway, enough with the blabbing, I know what you’re all after…PHOTOS!!









I was the strange girl who went and picked out a green pumpkin






Now of course I’ll post some photos of Brent’s birthday for his mommy to see


my delicious husband holding my delicious ganache


isn’t that the funniest thing?? ha ha ha ha


Just to make you say AWWWWWWE …see the tear?


  1. I laughed so hard at cross-eyed Ikey.

    Please email me a full size vs of that one and the last one with the tear.

  2. Thanks for the picture of Brent on his birthday, and the rest. Yes lets do go to that fun place next wknd. when we’re out ther for our visit.

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